How to Copy Objects in SketchUp

Welcome to my SketchUp Guide on Duplicating Objects!


Tom Reddy, Designer

Hi everyone! Welcome to my second SketchUp tutorial, where I show you how to copy objects in SketchUp. Well done if you completed my first SketchUp tutorial on building a basic 3D model. You’ll already be well on your way to designing some great displays. 

Learning how to copy objects in SketchUp is really important. Why? Because it makes the design process much quicker and more efficient, which will be a definite bonus for you! Let’s get started. 



Highlight a Single Object or Group of Objects to Duplicate


Select a Single Object to Duplicate

If you want to select just one entity to copy, it’s simple:

Enter Select mode, either by pressing the Space Bar or by choosing the Select icon from the toolbar.

Left click on the entity that you would like to select. It should become highlighted like in the example here [image of highlighted selection] – and it’s as simple as that!

Select a Group of Objects to Duplicate

If you want to copy numerous entities, this is slightly different but still requires the Select tool:

Enter Select mode (see section above)

Left click on your mouse and hold. Then move it until a temporary selection box appears.

Drag thisselection box over the objects you wish to select, then release to make the selection (the box will disappear at this point). 


If you drag the box to the left, any entities that are within or intersected by the box will be selected upon release.


Duplicating Your Selection


With your entity/entities now selected:

Enter Move mode by pressing the M key.  

Once in move mode left click your selection and hold.

Drag your selection and, still holding down the left mouse button, press the Ctrl key

Your duplicate should now appear, and you can release the left mouse button(don’t click again yet).

Now, move your mouse to where you would like the new entity to be positioned relative to the originalone, either by:

a. Moving the duplicated entity around free hand and then clicking the left mousebutton when it’s where you want it,


b. by using your mouse to move the duplicate onto the axis whose direction you would like it to move in (Green/Red/Blue), then typing the measurement of distance on the keyboard, and pressing the Enter key.


Creating Lots of Duplicate Objects at Once


Once you have created a copy of your entity, you can now create loads of duplicates the action you have just completed, only in a simple way that doesn’t require repeating the process just outlined over and over:

After following the above steps, your original object and duplicate should still be highlighted. At this point do not click or do anything else, this will compromise the next process.

With both entities highlighted press the X key on your keyboard (this represents the multiply function).

Then press the number on the keyboard by which you would like to multiple the duplication. e.g. If you have two entities, pressing X followed by 3 will give you 6 entities. 

Once you have pressed your desired number key, press Enter

The duplicates will now appear and should be equidistant from one another.

That’s It!

My SketchUp tutorials are geared towards making the SketchUp design process as efficient as possible. I hope that the quick tips provided in this tutorial on how to copy objects in SketchUp have accomplished exactly that. Any comments or requests for more guides, just let me know – your voice matters.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning the basics of drawing entities in SketchUp, check out my first tutorial on creating a to-scale block drawing. Until next time! 

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