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and versatile modular display system

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Endless Display Possibilities...

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is the most innovative

modular display system on the market

Tecna UK – T3 Modular Display System

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From one connector, comes endless display possibilities…

T3 Modular Display System

The T3 system has been manufactured in the UK for over ten years. T3 is the world’s most innovative, versatile, easy to build, compact and flexible modular display system on the market. With no tools required or levers to push, no other system can compete on the speed of build or versatility.

Meeting your specific display requirements

The T3 System has been designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of display environments. The real success behind the T3 modular display system is its versatility, and the ability to be reconfigured to meet your specific requirements. The T3 system can be used to create: small or large exhibition stands, event displays, retail solutions, conference sets, and much more. There are no limitations – the possibilities are endless!

T3 System

The T3 System has been designed to carry a wide variety of media including rigid, rollable panels, tension fabrics and textiles. 60” screens, projector screens, shelving and display cabinets – all can be easily incorporated.

All components are fire rated and require no tools or levers to enable speed of build; they are interchangeable, re-configurable and can be used time and time again.

Fabric walls

T3 Exhibition Stands

Small or large, the T3 modular display system is used to create stunning exhibition stands that meet all your requirements.

T3 Conference Sets

The T3 modular display system has been designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of environments allowing your to create the best conference set for your clients.

T3 Retail solutions

T3 Retail Display Solutions

The T3 modular display system allow you to create straight and curved retail displays for a wide variety of locations.

Rendered visuals are now available

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sales@tecnauk.com | 01932 570 770

one of our easy to use T3 demo cubes

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How the T3 modular display system Works

The key components consist of an aluminium beam and a connector. Push the beam into the connector and with the T3 systems brilliantly simple patented ‘twist & lock’ action, simply twist until it locks into place. Once the framework is built, all you need to do is place your graphic on and you’re done. It’s that easy and simple anyone can create a professional stunning display in no time.

The T3 modular display system is completely interchangeable, re-configurable and can be used time and time again.

Contact us today for full support and advice on how we can turn your concepts into reality.

  • Exhibition Stands

    Stunning exhibition stands can be created with the T3 modular display system

  • Conference Sets

    The T3 modular display system is being used more and more in the conference set market

  • Point of Sale

    With the versatility of the T3 modular display system, stunning displays, backlit wall or counters can be created with ease to showcase your products

  • Portable Kitchens

    Kitchen sets and food demo areas can easily be designed and built to your requirements using T3 modular display system

Curved Exhibition Stand

T3 Exhibition

High profile Conference Set

T3 Conference Set

POS Light Boxes

T3 Light box
  • Bars and Counters

    T3 modular display system can be used to create counters, plinths and mobile bars with ease

  • Information Displays

    Elegantly simple, the T3 modular display system is ideal for portable or permanent information displays

  • Light Boxes

    Using T3 modular display system with a light diffusing fabric or using translucent graphics recessed or fixed in the usual way, allows you to produce creative professional looking illuminated displays

  • Retail Display Solutions

    T3 modular display system allows in-store staff to create stunning, eye catching retail display solutions that can be built with no tools, reconfigured and apply graphics with ease