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We Know What Works…

Think about what you want to include on your displays to entice people onto your exhibition stand, and Tecna UK can make it happen. We are a solution-led agency that will offer professional guidance to make your vision a reality.

Creating Standout Exhibition Stands With Tecna UK

The T3 system is the world’s most innovative, easy-to-build, compactmodular displays system. Consisting of lightweight aluminium beams and plastic connectors, building your exhibition stand is simply a ‘twist and lock’.  Pair your framework with fabric, rigid, or semi-rigid graphics to complete the finish.

T3 is ideal for both large and small exhibition stands. Its ease of build, compactness, together with its reconfigurability, makes it the answer to your display stand needs. T3 has been expertly designed to give exhibitors the versatility and flexibility for a variety of display stand options.

The modular nature of T3 means you have the option to produce multiple exhibition stands over time, just reconfigure the design and change your graphics to maintain a fresh and engaging exhibition stand!

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Display Stands Ideas 

Hi-technology exhibition stand render for hotspots


Pop-up counters and pods are a great way to promote your brand message and encourage interaction on your exhibition stands. Choose from a range of customisable options, such as curves, integrated appliances, and dedicated serving areas to entice customers onto your display.

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Integrated Storage

One thing exhibitors often forget when designing their exhibition stand is storage! Consider using counters or cupboards to keep your stand tidy and presentable, to store away valuable items, and to maximise your stand space.

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Branded Graphics

Enhance your display stands with branded graphics and banners. Think about how you implement your brand colour and messages to leave a lasting impression on visitors.

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AV Screens

Get some movement on your display with screens and TVs. It is a great way to encourage engagement and get people talking about your brand.

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Make sure to factor in height to your exhibition stand design. Creating a display at height will extend visual interest across your trade show.

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Think about using a light box or other illuminating features on your displays to illuminate focus on products or simply to create an atmosphere.

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Design, Build, Deliver

We have a range of exclusive services that we tailor to you and your needs. From start to finish, we have you covered.

→ Starting with design, we take on board your vision and will design you a bespoke exhibition stand visual within 24 hours.

→ Once you’re happy with the chosen design, we offer a range of build options, ensuring the delivery of your exhibition stand goes to plan.

→ And lastly, by taking advantage of our expertise and personalised offerings, we will deliver you a complete service that will stand you out from the crowd.

Our Services

HSBC red exhibition stand

We Are Tecna UK

We are a team of dedicated professionals determined to solve problems and create unique solutions for our partners 

Bringing together design, project management, sales, marketing, and production, we collaborate to transform your idea into an unforgettable display experience. 

We’re passionate about our service and our products, and we’re here to create you a bespoke solution that will tick all the boxes! 


Our Clients

Visit Our Discovery Centre

Tecna UK’s HQ in Farnborough is the home to our Discovery Centre, an immersive space built specially to facilitate your exploration of Tecna UK and T3. Our Discovery Centre is also a great meeting environment, perfect for meetings with clients and sales presentations. Be sure to arrange to come down for your own unforgettable experience.

“We felt that using Tecna UK for our exhibition stand requirements was easy, simple and reliable. We don’t need to look anywhere else for our displays.” 

Natalie Cullen, SATO UK

“Tecna UK has been an ideal partner for our exhibition stands, supplying us with what we need and what our clients want.” 

Matt Taylor, Grapefruit Graphics

“We configure new exhibition ideas and display designs all the time. Larger exhibitions, smaller events, the T3 system is an easy, portable and compact system which makes projects so flexible.” 

Richard Harvey, Bondeye

“We now have total control over the speed and ease of build of our displays; T3 goes up easily and works around our exhibition stand requirements!” 

Andrew King, Crystal Vision Ltd

Our Exhibition Stand Expertise

Over the last 14 years, Tecna UK has become the leader in the modular events industry, designing and delivering a wide range of bespoke exhibition stands to exceed our partners’ expectations.

We create a wide variety of display stands, ranging from bespoke exhibition stands, pop-up displays, and portable exhibition stands, to fit any requirement for any space.

Our team of experts are professionals in creating standout modular exhibition stands, ready to work with you and bring your displays to life.

From framework to graphic and print options, we know the ins and outs of exhibition stand design, ensuring that your display stand will boost maximum engagement at your trade show.


How do you build an exhibition stand?

To build an exhibition stand using T3, you just have to twist and lock components into placeNo other system competes on speed and ease of build! T3 is a self-build system that doesn’t require any skilled labour, but our team of trained technicians are always on-hand if you want us to build it for you!   

How big is an exhibition stand?

Exhibition stands come in a range of shapes and sizes. Your chosen space at a trade show will determine how big your exhibition stand can be.  

Can I apply graphics to my exhibition stand?

Yes, you can apply a range of graphics to your exhibition stand using the T3 system. The flexibility of T3 mean you can apply a wide range of substrates to the T3 framework. Take a look at our top pick of substrates for modular displays 

Can I reuse my exhibition stand?

Yes, you can reuse your exhibition stand time and time again with the T3 system. T3 consists of components that simply twist and lock together, making it easy for you to reconfigure your exhibition stand to be a different shape or size for reuse. 

How do I create a COVID-safe exhibition stand?

There are many features we can implement to make your exhibition stand COVID-safe.

  • One-way systems to avoid the risk of congestion
  • Sanitiser Stations for visitors to use on your exhibition stand
  • Acrylic screening to reduce the spread of germs without compromising interaction with visitors  

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How do you make your exhibition stand stand out?

Whether your exhibition stand is big or small, there are many ways to make your exhibition stand, stand out.

  1. Design your display with eye-catching graphics or features
  2. Build a crowd by inviting visitors to your exhibition stand
  3. Start your promotion early by teasing features on your display
  4. Integrate a game or a way visitors can get hands on with your offering
How do you attract visitors to your exhibition stand?

In a busy exhibition hall, it is important your exhibition stand catches the eye of visitors. There are a few ways you can attract visitors to your exhibition stand:

  1. Invite attendees that have registered for that event
  2. Book appointments with existing clients at staggered times throughout the day
  3. Be hot on your marketing before the show
  4. Provide spaces on your exhibition stand where people can sit down and relax
  5. Create an enticing exhibition stand to get people talking
  6. Include games or interactive features to engage visitors
  7. Train your stand staff so that can encourage conversation with visitors
What is a modular exhibition stand?

Modular exhibition stands are designed with many different components that fit seamlessly together to create an exhibition display. They can be built in many different ways and combinations, integrating a range of features 

Intel blue exhibition stand

Our Commitment to Sustainability

→ We repurpose any waste into other products or materials

→ T3 can be reconfigured and reused to reduce waste and encourage recycling

→ All our products are manufactured in the UK to reduce environmental impact

→ We have a full warehouse of stock available to hire, reducing impact on the environment

→ We are actively encouraging using more sustainable print alternatives such as printing on recyclable textile substrates


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