Grapefruit Graphics Eager to Fulfil Client’s Requirements Further After Their Discover Day

Grapefruit Graphics is an established event branding company. Since they were founded back in 2003, Grapefruit Graphics have firmly established themselves as leaders in their field. This March, they decided to come to our HQ in Farnborough to participate in their own Discovery Day to better understand how they can provide a superior offering for their clients.


Offering T3 Modular Solutions to Their Clients

Grapefruit Graphics’ partnership with Tecna UK began in 2014 when they invested in their first T3 stand. But they have come a long way since buying their first display. Now leveraging T3 as a way to introduce an additional revenue stream into their business, Grapefruit Graphics now buys and rents T3 framework to sell on to their own clients.

Grapefruit Graphics were particularly drawn to the T3 modular system because it aligned perfectly with the needs of their customers. Katherine Mason, Events Manager at Grapefruit Graphics, explains: “Having researched a number of exhibition stand systems, we found T3 to be the best. It was T3’s simplicity and reconfigurability that really had us sold. Because ease of build and cost-effectiveness were exactly what our clients needed!

“We currently have a range of T3 equipment which we bought directly from Tecna UK, but if there are any requirements that fall outside of these items, we go a step further and allow our clients to rent the remaining equipment to fulfil their brief.”

As their journey has evolved, Grapefruit Graphics have been pleased with the results so far, producing incredible displays for their clients.


A Wider Knowledge of the T3 System to Enhance Display Ideas

The Tecna UK team specifically tailor our Discovery Days to identify what our clients want to achieve. Whether that be learning about the stand-alone framework or adding additional components to their displays, the Tecna UK team will cover it.

For Grapefruit Graphics, their knowledge of the modular system was limited before the Discovery Day:

“We had a simple understanding of how the T3 system worked and what could be achieved. But we didn’t know a lot about the wider range of products like the different lights and materials we could use to cover the T3 framework. Our aim was to identify what we could do to improve our offerings to our clients. To do this, we wanted to delve deeper into our understanding of the wide range of products we could use with the T3 system to really enhance our client’s displays.”

Behind The Scenes Interactivity

A popular part of our Discovery Days is the tour around the facilities. Here, Discoverers get a chance to meet the faces behind the brand. Grapefruit Graphics particularly enjoyed this process:

“It was great to see how the Tecna UK office worked. It was also great to see the process each stand goes through before being sent out to clients. Usually, we’re in direct contact with the team via phone or email. It was a great opportunity to finally meet the staff face to face.”

Katherine continues:

“When I first joined Grapefruit Graphics, I was aware that there were already established links with Tecna UK. Joining the team later, I was worried about my lack of experience with T3. But this didn’t hinder my experience with the modular system. The Tecna UK team are always on hand to help out with any questions I have.”


Effectively Using The Demo Cube to Advance Business With Clients

Another section of the day involved exploring the Demo Cube. Offered to our partners as a learning and selling tool, the Demo Cube is constructed out of different T3 beams and components to showcase the system’s simplicity and versatility. For Grapefruit Graphics, the Demo Cube was successful in engaging their clients:

“We love showcasing the T3 system to our clients using the Tecna UK’s compact Demo Cube. The Discovery Day was an excellent opportunity to learn how to better use the cube when pitching to clients. The Tecna UK team informed us that handing the Demo Cube over to clientis one of the best ways to drive potential business. They love getting hands on and it gives clients a more tangible experience of what the T3 system is all about. Tecna UK further demonstrated how to specifically use the different components that come with the Demo Cube, which was extremely beneficial. Thanks to the comprehensive training we received, we can now display the full capabilities of the modular system to our clients.”


Discovery Day Brings Hopeful Success

The Discovery Day was just the next step in Grapefruit Graphics’ partnership with Tecna UK. But it won’t stop here:

“Moving forward we are looking to leverage out better understanding of the T3 system to expand our offering to more clients.”  

Our Discovery Days are just one of the ways we like to inspire our partners to boost their business. We look forward to seeing how Grapefruit Graphics succeed with their clients with their newfound T3 knowledge.  

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