27 Live Events Stats That Prove They’re Catalysts For Business Success


Live events mean big business. That’s why companies across the globe are investing more money and resources into live events than ever before. Some of the biggest global brand names, like Apple and Facebook for instance, have even created their own huge-scale conference events to bring together professionals and specialists from their respective sectorsSalesforce, the customer relationship management company, is another. Each year Salesforce pumps millions of dollars into Dreamforce, an annual event targeting marketing and sales professionals. If you’ve yet to be convinced of the importance of live events, here’s 25 incredible live events stats that prove just how advantageous for your business they really are.


General Live Events Stats:

1. 40% of business-to-business (B2B) companies acknowledge live events as their top source of leads (Chief Marketer B2B Research, 2).

2. 95% of mid to senior-level marketers view live events as a crucial opportunity for attendees to form in-person connections (Bizzabo).

3. 41% of marketers view live events as the most important marketing channel for achieving business outcomes (Bizzabo).

4. The number of brand marketers participating in trade shows or exhibitions has grown by 40% (CEIR)

5. 76% acknowledge that exhibitions support relationship management and heighten engagement of existing customers (CEIR)

6. 63% of execs say exhibitions aid in developing relationships and feed the sales funnel with new potential customers – (CEIR)

7. 46% of executive decision makers make purchase decisions while they’re at a live show (CEIR).

8. 84% of business leaders believe in-person events are crucial for their business’ success (Bizzabo).

9. 81% of B2B companies use in-person events as part of their content marketing strategy (CIM).

10. 75% of B2B companies view in-person events as effective (CIM).

11. 46% of attendees only attend one trade show a year (Freeman Exhibit Surveys 2015).

12. For 92% trade show visitors, their principle reason for attending is to see new products (CEIR).

13. 90% of tradeshow attendees will not have met face-to-face with any of the exhibitors at the trade show in the previous 12 months (CEIR).

With such a high number of people not having met the people that work at your company before, trade shows present the perfect opportunity to unveil the faces behind your brand.  

14. 46% of attendees only attend one trade show a year (Freeman Exhibit Surveys 2015)

This goes to prove that trade shows are a breeding ground for high-value leads. If attendees have carefully selected just one trade show to attend, it’s likely that they either specialise in the field or sector exhibiting, or that they have a keen interest in it 


Face-to-Face Stats:

21. 92% of attendees go to trade shows to find out about new products and services (CEIR). 

Got a new product? Or maybe a service that the attendee won’t be able to live without? Shout about it. In the short time you have with the attendee, ensure your pitch centres you most exciting and useful products and services. 

22. 50% of the tradeshow attendees will be attending for the first time (CEIR).  

23. 77% of attendees found at least one new supplier at the last show they attended (CEIR). 

24. 51% of tradeshow attendees requested that a sales representative visit their company after the show (CEIR). 

25. 76% of executive decision makers asked for a price quotation at the last show they attended (CEIR). 

26. 99% of exhibitors find unique value delivered by B2B tradeshows which are not provided by other marketing channels (CEIR). 

27. 67% of all trade show attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies.

That’s right. Trade shows are teeming with new prospects, which only means one thing: exhibiting at trade shows leads to ample opportunity for business growth.  

To Conclude

Even in our digitalised world, the value of attending live events cannot be underestimated. As the statistics show, live events can strengthen brand awareness, influence purchasing decisions and bring thousands of decision makers interested in your sector straight to you. Live events have so much to offer. Be prepared, go into it with a game plan and create an exhibition stand that shows attendees what your brand is all about. After all, for 67% of attendees, this will be their first introduction to your brand so you’ve got to leave a lasting impression.

Now you know the stats, find out the 5 things you should consider when designing your exhibition stand.



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