T3 in Action: The Total Event Company

How T3 Lightboxes and Illuminated counters deliver

The Client

The Total Event Company (TTEC) is a leading exhibitions and events hire company supporting and bringing success to their client’s events. As TTEC’s relationship with Tecna UK continues to grow, so too does their investment in more T3 stock to satisfy the increasing demand from their customers.

TTEC work closely with event organisers and have done so for the past 15 years. Their aim is to help cultivate their client’s events and grow their profile supplying exhibition shell scheme, furniture, print, event apps, registration services and more. For the past year, TTEC has invested in stock from Tecna UK, specifically T3 light boxes and illuminated counters.

An Increase In T3 Stock To Meet Demands From Clients

Although it is only the start of a thriving partnership with Tecna UK, TTEC has seen an incredible growth. TTEC’s Director, Jake Walden, tells us where the company’s partnership with Tecna UK began:

“Since last year, we’ve been slowly building our stock from Tecna UK. From our initial hire back in August, we’ve accumulated enough stock to build up to 10 metres worth of light boxes.”

The company rent out T3 kit to their clients and source their print and artwork through Tecna UK’s suppliers. Jake explains his company’s decision to purchase extra stock from Tecna UK recently:

“We came to the conclusion that we needed to purchase a second T3 counter to keep up with the demands from our clients. The T3 stock was a great enhancement to our rental product range and has been effective in growing our business through a new channel.”

“We chose T3 for our modular illuminated counters and walls because we want to be able to offer the latest products and services to our customers and their exhibitors. Tecna UK is the leading supplier for this.”

Using T3 To Enhance Shell Scheme Designs

It is always a pleasure to see how our customers incorporate T3 into their businesses. For TTEC, they chose to integrate the T3 kit into their own shell scheme designs. Jake tells us:

“Our shell scheme is designed and unique to our business, with the enhancements of furniture, flooring, print and more. The T3 light boxes and illuminated counters that we’ve purchased from Tecna UK complement and look great installed into our projects.”

Working with T3 has its many positives, for Jake, the result of the final install into their designs is just one of them:

“The T3 system is a premium product, reflected in how great it looks when it’s installed. It is also so easy to build and dismantle. With its lightweight and compact ability, it only takes up 5% of the space in our warehouse!”

Tecna UK Supporting Every Step Of The Way

Jake commended the Tecna UK team on always offering a solution to any problem. He highlights one occasion when the Tecna UK team stepped in to help, even though our team were on-site working with another client,

“One of our customers had their print being delivered direct to site where they had their event. When the couriers failed to deliver it, we struck a problem. Luckily, some of the Tecna UK team were working in the same city late that evening, when the print eventually arrived they went to our install site to install the graphics.

At Tecna UK, we strive to support our clients every step of the way. From the initial design, to transporting the product to the site and installation. Jake continues to praise TTEC’s partnership with Tecna UK,

“Working with the team has been great. Whenever we have needed anything, they can provide it to us and in a quick turnaround.”

An Innovative Future With Tecna UK And T3

With TTEC’s success continuing, Jake tells us:

“At the moment, TTEC’s main focus is to fully embed and work with the counters and light boxes that we have. This is to ensure that over time we can increase hire stock that goes out to each event. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways we can incorporate T3 into our business. So, our aim is to work with Tecna UK and look into using T3 to build custom furniture in the future.”

We’re excited to see what’s in store for TTEC and how they continue to integrate T3 to enhance their displays for their clients.

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“The team was so friendly and helpful and any questions or queries were dealt with very quickly and professionally.”

Natalie Cullen, SATO

“The real benefit for us was the experience of working with Tecna UK. The professionalism that was displayed across all of the teams was astounding, not least by the installation team. Not only did they manage the pre-build and on-site builds like a dream, but they also did so with a smile.

Stuart Churchill, Springboard

“The toolless T3 system from Tecna UK was so much easier to work with than the bulkier solutions we were offering before.”

Dan Harman, Advance Digital Graphics

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