Thermal Cameras and Thermometers

Our range of thermal cameras and automatic thermometers offer advanced technology to monitor temperature and control the flow of people. The thermal imaging cameras and temperature thermometers are effective in a range of environments, especially in areas with high-footfall. As well as our standard thermal scanner range , we also offer a whole variety of customisable options.

Thermal imaging camera in use

Quick Temperature Checking With Our Body Temperature Cameras

Our thermal cameras and thermometers come full assembled, allowing for a quick and easy integration, ready for use right away. Great for busy areas, our range of thermal scanners are able to monitor body temperature in less than a second!

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thermometer thermometer

Why Choose Tecna UK For Your Thermal Cameras and Thermal Devices?

  • Trusted UK manufacturer – built in the UK, delivered worldwide.
  • Antimicrobial protection – our body temperature cameras are available with our Antimicrobial coating for an extra level of protection.
  • Quick & easy install – no tools are required, our thermal devices are delivered fully assembled!
  • Premium finish using high quality materials – our thermal camera products are fully researched, tested, and developed to have a premium, quality finish.
  • UK-based tech support – even after the delivery of your thermal device, our team are only a phone call or email away if you need any support!
  • Standard or customised – our range of thermal imaging cameras have a variety of customisable options and features!
  • Hands-free & automatic products – the thermal cameras and temperature thermometers are automatic, requiring no physical touch and preventing the spread of germs.

Where You Can Use Thermal Cameras

  • Offices & Workplaces
  • Cafes, Restaurants & Pubs
  • Retail Environments
  • Leisure, Health & Beauty
  • Hospitality Environments

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Thermal Cameras & Thermometers Gallery

Check out our gallery to find the most up to date images and renders of our thermal cameras, thermometer units, thermometers, and other thermal imaging devices. Click the image below to view!


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Visit Our Shop For The Full Thermal Device range

Find all our thermal cameras and thermometers on the Tecna UK shop. Available in a range of options.



What is a Thermal Camera?

Our thermal cameras use advanced cameras and sensors that translate thermal energy into visible light, in order to analyse an object.

What can the Thermal Imaging Camera be used for?

Our thermal imaging cameras can be used to measure temperature, assessing whether the temperature is normal or too hot. It also uses advanced facial recognition and can detect if an individual is wearing a mask or not. Audio and visual prompts are activated when detecting a face. A staff database can also be uploaded to the thermal camera to allow logging and temperature checks of staff and visitors.

How does the Thermal Camera work?

The thermal camera uses a range of cameras and sensors, combined with advanced algorithms, to detect and calculate specific demands. It can connect to a network via an ethernet cable or wireless LAN.

How far can the Thermal Imaging Camera detect?

The thermal imaging camera can detect an object up to a distance of 1.2m.

How close do you need to be for the Thermal Camera to work?

For the thermal camera to work and detect an object, the object needs to be in-between 0.3m-1.2m distance away.

What data is stored on the Thermal Imaging Camera?

The thermal imaging camera stores data including snapshot images (stored as JPEGS), temperature, mask attributes, and staff ID (if set up). The data stored in the Thermal Camera can be accessed through the provided software, or exported as a CSV file.

How quickly can I get my Thermal Camera?

You will receive your thermal camera within 7-14 days from point of purchase. However, we may be experiencing slight delays due to COVID-19.

Can you use the Thermal Camera outside?

The thermal camera can be used outside during the day, but cannot be used in direct sunlight.

How accurate is the Thermal Device?

The thermal device has a 99.9% facial detection success rate. When checking temperature, the thermal camera has an accuracy of +/- 0.2 of a degree.

How is the Thermal Camera powered?

The thermal camera can be plugged into a mains power supply.

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