Tecna UK’s Dreamflight Dreamteam


On Sunday, October 14th, 3 members of the Tecna UK team happily gave up their weekend to deliver and install a display feature for a fantastic charity called Dreamflight. And as you can see, fun was not in short supply, with the on-site team taking time to revel in the Dreamflight entertainment after the installation was complete.

What is Dreamflight?

Founded in 1986 by Patricia Pearce and Derek Pereira of British Airways, Dreamflight is a charity that takes children with debilitating illnesses or disabilities and their parents on a holiday of a lifetime.


“I love it and go down every year – not just because it’s an honour to help such a wonderful charity, but also because it cheers me up as well. It’s a really good feeling to use your skills to help others in need.”
– Mike Mitcheson (pictured here harnessing the Force with his new buddy)

An Annual Tradition

We have been supplying and installing the display feature – a tunnel that serves as the magical entrance to the whole experience – for five years now. Each year the tunnel is set up inside an aeroplane hangar, and it’s become an annual tradition for us to take it down there and build it. Using our own T3 modular system of course!


There is usually a bit of a bun-fight over who gets to go and enjoy the happy day – with the chance to spend time with the delighted families being the main incentive… And, of course, the chance to meet the cast of Star Wars.

Putting Smiles on Faces

Jon Wicks, Tecna UK’s Operations Manager and leader of the project loves getting involved, not least, he says, because “it puts a massive smile on the faces of these kids and their parents.” Jon adds: “each year that we take part in the Dreamflight install has been equally as rewarding and fun as the last.


“It puts a massive smile on the faces of these kids and their parents.”

The Tecna UK Dreamteam

This year the Tecna UK Dreamteam included Mike Mitcheson, Jon Wicks and Colin Malkin.

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