Tecna UK’s 2020 Trade Show Forecast

Published by Aimee Boschier | 19/12/2019

Overview of a trade show event

Reflecting on our 2019 forecast:

Phygital Retail Technologies

These technologies are a common asset across the retail sector, with it becoming very rare for the gap between physical and digital channels not to be blurred.

AR (Augmented Reality)

With technology developing quickly, AR is evolving to keep up with the latest technologies across the globe.

Creative Displays

We witnessed some impressive displays in 2019, pushing the boundaries of creativity with new levels of height, interactive features and incorporation of standout shapes, and substrates.

Year on year, we’re impressed with the display turnout and experience being demonstrated at shows. So, for 2020, we’ve completed our research and we’re ready to give you the low down for what is to be expected. Carry on reading to find out more!

The Latest Technology and Interactive Experiences

Display by Manthorpe with large LED wall

Designs within the exhibition industry are frequently changing. Each year we are seeing bigger and more innovative displays. Alternating as trends within the industry progress, 2020 is expected to bring further unique, and fresher ideas.

2020 is going to witness brands pushing to incorporate the latest technology trends, including LED walls and developing AR and VR experiences. And the statistics prove it! Event professionals are said to be investing more in event technology, with 52% spending more of their budget on making their event technology friendly[1]. So as seen in 2019, technology will continue to be a prominent integration into the exhibition industry, with events focusing on keeping up to date and integrating the most recent technology advancements.

Moreover, we’re expecting to see more hands-on experiences; boosting the interactivity and engagement between visitors and displays. Visitors will be encouraged to get more involved either through interactive features, products on display, games, and competitions. These aspects will drive engagement on your displays and drive your sales.

Sustainability at the Core of Exhibitions

Modular display system being pre-built

The process of building and installing at events is constantly evolving and changing to make it easier for exhibitors. The result is that exhibitors are now being offered more solutions that are both reusable and can be built with speed and ease.

Going into 2020, sustainability will be at the core of exhibitions. Vice President of Global Responsible Business and Diversity & Inclusion, Françoise Grumberg, states “The fact that we now talk about climate crisis instead of climate change, underlines the urgency for all stakeholders to address sustainability very seriously.”[2]. As a result, exhibitors are taking into account ways they can reduce environmental damage, and organisers are going to be looking at ways trade shows can become more environmentally friendly.

For instance, modular displays are becoming increasingly popular with their reusable aspect. Exhibitors are now reducing the amount of waste by continuously reusing their kit, and if needed, reconfiguring it to suit their requirements or different spaces at multiple events. Rental options are also more readily available for people to hire kit for a one-off event.

Furthermore, organisers are preparing for event registrations and documents to be completely online. Major organisers are offering digital tools to avoid the cost and wastage of printing.

Exhibiting Made Easier and More Personalised

Year on year, solutions are being offered to make the process of exhibiting easier. Going into 2020, organisers will be offering more packages encompassing the full control over the management and overall look of their events – taking the stress off clients and exhibitors!

With the constant development in technology, data collection at shows in 2020 will prove to be easier and more focused. According to future event trends, with the advancement in technology platforms, visitors will turn into participants, giving them the opportunity to communicate with others and express opinions during and after the event with ease.

For example, some events in Paris currently have cameras to film the audience to ‘examine both their attention and emotional engagement by monitoring their facial expressions.’[3] This may prove successful going forwarding, highlighting what is getting the most positive response and working most effectively to create the best experiences for attendees.

And finally, customer experience has become increasingly popular at the forefront of companies’ top priorities. Moving into 2020, this is only going to be more impactful and personal to consumers, with companies focusing solely on creating great customer experiences. In fact, statistics show around 86% of buyers are willing to invest more for a better customer experience[4] . And in a study conducted by Walker, brands are projected to be tightly aligning their strategy with customer experience being a key component[5]. So, it shows that focusing on great customer experience will not only be a main focal point for companies, but customers will receive more personalised and engaging communications in the new year.

Bring on 2020!

As you can see, we’ve got a great year ahead in the exhibition industry. And we can’t wait to see these advancements evolve over the next few months! Keep an eye out for our forecast for 2021 next year!


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