T3 Usages - Making the Impossible, Possible

Want to be able to construct displays such as exhibition stands, conference sets, bars, product displays and even vaccination booths in minutes with zero tools?

Need to get the most out of your branded assets without needing new display systems each time?

Want a sustainable solution for your exhibitions and events?

If you can envision it, T3 can create it. With unlimited ways to use, the T3 System enables to you to reconfigure and reuse your exhibition stand materials in different spaces across a range of different events – saving you time, cost and waste.

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From attracting visitors to an exhibition stand, to creating a Point of Sale display that garners attention, the possibilities are endless.

We have a range of exclusive services that we tailor to you and your needs. From start to finish, we have you covered.

  • Starting with design, we take on board your vision and will design visuals & first quote within 24 hours.
  • Once you’re happy with the chosen design, we offer a range of build options, ensuring the delivery of your exhibition stand goes to plan.
  • And lastly, by taking advantage of our expertise and personalised offerings, we will deliver you a complete service that will stand you out from the crowd.

Flexible Brand Spaces

Whether you are attending a trade show, need to create a pop-up space, want to create a branded backdrop for video the T3 System enables you have your brand and front and centre.

T3 is both innovative and completely simple. Think of it as the building blocks that help you to create unique experiences wherever you attend. This straightforward, easy to use system allows you to reuse your frames across a wide range of spaces, so you can bring your brand story wherever you go.

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Simple and easy to use

To put your display together you just grab your connectors, put them at the end of your T3 beams, and then twist to lock them on.

That’s it – Twist, Lock, Connect.

This means that, wherever you choose to be – you know that there’s no requirement for a big build every time. And the system is lightweight and easy to transport thanks to its compact framework and easy to transport graphics. In fact, some displays will even fit in the back of your car!

How T3 can be used

The benefit of T3 is the wealth of ways in which it can be used across a wide range of events and marketing materials. This system gives you a flexible framework on which to build your display marketing collateral. Designed panels can be reused, or you can use your framework with new materials and graphics for specific campaigns and messaging.

Reconfigure your T3 framework; rearrange it into an entirely new design if you want – keep the framework, just swap the graphics.

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Display Solutions

Thanks to the versality of the T3 design, you can reconfigure and reuse the system to create a wide range of displays. The options are endless. With a wide range of AV integration possible, plus unlimited lighting configuration options, the only limit is your imagination.

Fabric or graphic walls

Create on brand backdrops for sets, press calls, or even somewhere to offer a great photo opportunity for visitors.

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Branded bars and counters

Great for indoor or outdoor promotion – T3 allows you to set up a bar or counter design quickly and easily.

Pop up shop solutions

Stand out in any space. Semi-permanent environments such as in store shops or custom points of sale can be created easily and quickly.

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Stand out from the crowd with lightbox designs. Attention grabbing and great for retail, events and POS.

Product displays

Make sure your product is seen. Any design of retail solutions can be created and installed across a wealth of environments, including window displays, in store areas or shopping centres. Add spotlights, backlighting and shelving to draw attention.

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Video booths

Create an on-brand space for internal or external video communications. Clever use of materials means they are sound proofed too!

AV displays

Create immersive experiences and transform your static stand or display into an audio and visual extravaganza.

Events & Exhibitions

Whether you are hosting or attending an exhibition or event – T3 offers a total solution. From creating a stir from the moment people enter the space, to making sure that you create an event to remember, T3 makes it easy. Running a series in different spaces? Not a problem, the beauty is our flexibility to adapt to any space.

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Exhibition stands

Stand out at events with the T3 system. Designed to provide you with flexible options for exhibiting across a wide range of spaces.

Conference solutions

Create an entire conference set designed to leave a lasting impression. Think backlit walks, podiums, screens and projectors all designed your way.

Meeting rooms

Break out areas, speaking stages, meeting rooms – all can be created in any space with T3. And with the flexibility to easily changed graphics in just minutes – you can get creating with what’s displayed.

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Entrance signage and registration areas

Make a great first impression with stunning welcome areas and entrance features. From interactive panels to eye catching lightboxes – make a statement from the outset of your event.


The world has changed and with social distancing still very much on the menu for many events, T3 allows you to easily create safe, distanced spaces that allow you to keep your customers or attendees where they need to be while remaining in keeping with your brand or theme.

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Queuing systems

While no one loves to queue, you can create orderly spaces that still tell a story. Use half or full walls to keep order but add fun design to avoid boredom.

Vaccine/Testing booths

Create temporary testing or vaccine booths which offer privacy and flexibility.

Screen dividers

From retail spaces to TV sets, the T3 system allows you quickly and easily create screen dividers from a range of materials.

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Gym Screens

Keep your clientele safe while keeping your gym looking good. Consider visually interesting graphics to keep your members motivated!

Why choose Tecna UK and the T3 System

We created the T3 system to enable events managers, marketing teams, and anyone who wants to display at scale an easy, straightforward way to create exciting spaces without hassle.

Flexibility in design, ease of build and a commitment to sustainability is at the core of our business. We want to ensure that if you can dream it – T3 can deliver it.

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