T3 Photo Booths

T3 Photo Booths are quickly becoming the ‘must have’ feature of any successful wedding, parties and other event. Providing great fun for the guests and creating lasting memories for your customer, the party host, and their guests.

T3 Photo Booths and Selfie Pods come with plug a play technology, making it extremely easy to setup and use. Simply connect two power cables and one USB cable and you have a fully working photo booth.

Additionally, the massive interaction with social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, means that people are very keen to share details of their events and photos with all of their friends and social media contacts.

T3 photo booths are perfect for all your events from wedding receptions to Christmas parties

T3 can be manufacture to suit your design

T3 Photobooths

Tecna UK can supply everything for your T3 Photo Booths: high quality T3 framework, internal and external graphics, and all internal hardware and software.

You can now purchase T3 photo booths and spare parts online. Visit our Tecna Shop today.

We can manufacture any design of photo booth – so don’t restrict yourself. We can accommodate ‘selfie’ booths for smaller venues, as well as ‘team’ photo booths for larger groups.

Got an idea, just send us a scribble and we will do the rest!

Poor Imitations

Fake Connectors


Unfortunately some Photo Booth re-sellers are misleading buyers by selling what have been described as “very poor T3 copies”. These are very weak, do not create a rigid structure and do not have fire certificates!!

All T3 connectors have the T3 logo on the side.