T3 Modular System

T3 is the world’s most versatile modular system. It is unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable, with components that twist and lock together. A system that is so brilliantly simple to construct, requiring no tools to build.

Nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build.

Typically used for the build of standout modular displays, but T3 can be used for pretty much anything: desk dividers, partitions & walling, protection screens, sanitiser units, and lots more. Whatever the display, with T3 the possibilities are endless.

T3 is unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable. With components that twist and lock together, T3 is also brilliantly simple to construct and requires no tools to build.

T3 The Basics

Creating a T3 solution is simple and quick. In its simplest form, a T3 display consists of three different elements:

  • The T3 Connector
  • Lightweight aluminium beams
  • Your choice of graphic substrate or acrylic infill

The beauty and uniqueness of T3 is in the ‘twist and lock’ feature – no tools are required. Manufactured in the UK, T3 is versatile, durable, reconfigurable and reusable.

  • Absolutely no tools required
  • No need for skilled labour
  • Build configurations in minutes, not hours
  • Lightweight and compact for reduced shipping and storage costs
  • Easy to re-configure and re-use to maximise your budget
  • Simple to customise and integrate additional features including AV




Twist. Lock. Connect.

T3 is at once innovative and totally simple. To put your T3 system together, just grab your connectors, pop them on the end of your T3 beams, and twist to lock them on. The whole system works this way. Just twist, lock, connect.

Nothing else competes with T3 for speed and ease of build.

The system has always been geared towards making the construction and dismantle of modular configurations as quick and easy as possible: that’s part of what makes it so special. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or a seasoned installer, just twist the components onto one another to lock them together and build your way up.

Lightweight. Compact.

T3 has been expertly designed and engineered to be lightweight and compact in design, and yet strong and durable.

Made of aluminium beams, plastic inserts and connectors, T3 can be transported swiftly and easily to your desired destination, anywhere in the world.

No tools required. Endless possibilities.

T3 is the quickest and easiest modular system to build.

Speed and Ease of Build

With no tools required, the quick and simple twist and lock assembly action means that the T3 modular display system allows installation times to be shorter than conventional construction methods. Nothing competes with T3 when it comes to the speed and ease of build.

Clad with multiple graphics substrates.

T3 is able to carry all types of substrates, including rigid and rollable panels, tension fabrics, and acrylic which join to create a seamless graphic display.

Once your modular framework is constructed, you can pop, lock or press your substrate of choice onto the framework in minutes. You can choose any substrate you want including:

  • tension fabric graphics
  • rigid PVC or foamex
  • semi-rigid PVC
  • acrylic

And don’t be afraid to mix and match. Our team are on hand to help you choose the best substrate for your display.

You may find our Articles about different Substrates an interesting read.

Reconfigure. Reuse. Reimagine.

T3 is both reusable and reconfigurable. That means after you have used your T3 solution once, deconstruct your display stand and reconstruct it again ready for your next occasion.

Its versatility and design capability means the T3 system can be used time and again for any social distancing solution, exhibition, display stand, event, conference, or retail purpose. Adapt your T3 framework; reimagine and rearrange it into an entirely new design if you want – keep the framework, just swap the graphics.

Customise & integrate.

Tailor your modular solution anyway you want – T3 is totally customisable.

Adapt T3 into any shape, size, integrate shelving, screens, anything you want. There’s any number of interesting accents you can add to enhance your T3 solution.

Explore T3 design features to inspire your ideas

Discover some of the design features achievable with T3 (the possibilities are endless)

design features of a modular exhibition stand

AV screen integration

A large curved AV screen integration in this example provides impactful visual engagement. We offer practical and easy solutions for incorporating screens into T3 displays whether large or small.

Discover more design feature ideas

Create towering height

Strong and stable. T3 structures can be built easily to impressive heights. Go to 4m, 6m or even higher! You can also use T3 to create impressive gantry structures and overhead canopies.

Discover more design feature ideas

Curved counters

It’s easy to incorporate curved counters and curved walling into your T3 display. Add beautifully finished counter tops and under counter lighting for added effect.

Discover more design feature ideas

Product displays

The versatility of T3 means you can design all kinds of staging, product display areas, showcases, counters, registration or demonstration areas. The possibilities are endless.

Discover more design feature ideas

Portable counters

Different beam lengths mean narrow, tall, wide, short, square, curved, angled or rectangular shapes and structures are easily achievable.

Discover more design feature ideas

Lighting solutions

We offer several lighting solutions to really show off your T3 display including solutions for low level, high level, integrated, backlit, LED, sequential, hanging and spot lighting. Display illumination is a key component on any display, so talk to us and we’ll advise what’s the best solution for your needs.

Discover more design feature ideas

Curved lightbox and lightbox walls

Create high visual impact with curved lightboxes which use tension fabric and T3 curved beams. Lightboxes can be created in any T3 shape.

Discover more design feature ideas

Display walling

With a wide choice of substrates available to use with T3, you can create transparent, semi-transparent and opaque walls that elevate the aesthetics of the overall design. Talk to us about the look and feel you want to achieve and we’ll help you choose the best substrate for your requirements.

Discover more design feature ideas

Form and function

When it comes to form and function, T3 is perfect. The versatility and design capability of using beams and connectors means when you need a private meeting area, a store room, a kitchen area, straight walls, curved walls, high walls, low walls, T3 delivers every time.

Discover more design feature ideas

If you’re looking for information about T3 Affinity, please click below.


We Make It Happen.

With an expansive suite of services on offer, Tecna UK will collaborate with you to ensure that you get the most out of your T3 modular display. From design, all the way through to logistics, sales and marketing support, we make it happen for you.  


“We now have total control over the speed and ease of build; T3 goes up easily and works around our requirements!”

Andrew King, Crystal Vision Ltd

“Tecna UK’s ability to turn a simple sketch into a detailed 3D drawing in less than a day blew us away. The fact that it all started out with a simple, very rough sketch of how we wanted our stand to look, and ended up creating a fabulous showroom which can be used all year round, is beyond amazing.”

Natalie Cullen, SATO

“The support we have from the team at Tecna UK is second to none.  And T3 is the perfect solution for Exhibit Interactive and our clients.”

Joe Ashton, Exhibit Interactive

“We configure new ideas and designs all the time. Larger exhibitions, smaller events, the T3 system is an easy, portable and compact system which makes projects so flexible.”

Richard Harvey, Bondeye

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