After only 12 months of working with Tecna UK, Kurio Compression is looking to work more closely with our team to ensure their product is targeting a larger market within retail. 

The Client:  

Kurio Compression specialises in compression clothing for sports. They work with everyone from elite athletes to premier football teams to manufacture sports compression leggings that strengthen performance and endurance whilst significantly reducing recovery time. Each item of clothing is also tailored to the individual. Using advance scanning technology, they take 300,000 measurements within .5 of 1mm of their client to deliver a product that perfectly fits their body shape.   

The Start of their Tecna UK Journey 

It is now a year on since Tecna UK started working with Kurio Compression. And the company have excelled considerably. From the initial purchasing of classic beams, Kurio Compression has configured a photo booth with the T3 system. The booth is designed to specifically allow both a desktop and a scanner to be featured, whilst also incorporating an area to allow people to be measured whilst inside the booth.  

It was a year ago, before their new venture to expand their target audience, that Kurio Compression first found out about Tecna UK. “We were in the market for photobooths”, says Kurio Compression owner, Paul Bromley. “Eventually, we started sourcing them from a supplier who offered up something quite unique: a modular solution. It was the T3 system, supplied by Tecna UK”. 

The booth incorporates a desktop and a scanner within the configured framework. And encourages people to walk inside the booth to be measured.  

“This was our first ever project. But we had big ideas. And, with a third party involved, our ideas were getting lost in translation. So, we started working with Tecna UK directly. The results were instant: the process was easier, and the delivery of service was much quicker.” 

Altering Designs to Create an Accessible Display 

Over the following year, Kurio Compression’s business grew exponentially. They acquired an impressive following in the world of sports and more and more people were interested in their product. Now they were ready to target a larger audience. As part of their growth strategy, Kurio Compression pursued expansion into the retail market.  

With their business evolving, their display ambitions evolved too. “The original booth we had using the T3 system was great. But with our expansion into the retail market, we wanted more. I spoke to the team at Tecna UK for some help and asked them to tailor the design to match our new requirements. We needed something that would help us target a retail audience and propel our expansion into the retail market.”  

We wanted to position our booths in areas that would target our desired audience. Shopping centres and changing rooms were amongst our major ideas. To create a suitable display for changing rooms, the Tecna UK created a booth design for us that would ensure the privacy of potential clients. This meant factoring doorways and curtains into the designs.” 

From start to finish, Tecna UK kept in direct contact with us to ensure our designs were exactly as we wanted them to be. Scanners are an essential part of our offering and our booths needed to accommodate them. The Tecna UK team adjusted and adapted the framework accordingly, and designed T3 booths for us that worked well with all of our high-tech equipment.”  

Reconfiguring T3 to Ensure Growth 

The T3 system is perfect for those who want to be able to change their display design without the worry of purchasing extra stock. This is one of the unique selling points for Kurio Compression:

The great thing about the T3 system is that we can alter and reconfigure the framework depending on what we need. We can decide whether we want our door on one side or the other and we can alter the height of our display. With the right beam sizes, we can easily modify and adapt our T3 display to work within any space or location.”  

What really stood out for Kurio Compression about T3 was its compact framework. “The T3 modular system is so easy to transport. It’s flat pack, and can fit into the back of your vehicle, no problem. To top it off, building your T3 display is just as easy. You can just twist and lock the framework together – no tools – for a quick and easy install and dismantle.” 

Kurio Compression is poised to continue its impressive growth, and they plan to continue their collaboration with Tecna UK for the long run, “Over the next few years or so, we have big plans working with Tecna UK and our booths.” 

Continuing the Journey 

Our team at Tecna UK are dedicated to ensuring our partners are happy with their final product. For Kurio Compression, the direct contact with our team helped them to fulfil their needs.  

“The Tecna UK team are always so enthusiastic, and their customer service is always excellent. From the initial set brief, all the way through to the design process and right down to getting it where we need it, Tecna UK are with us when we need them.  

The Tecna UK team consistently make our design ideas come to life. Taking advantage of their knowledge and expertise, we always get the finished product we want.” 

Our journey with Kurio Compression has been an exciting one. And as they continue to expand and evolve, we’re eager to see how our collaborations and display ambitions expand and evolve with them.