T3 in Action: Exhibition and Presentation Solutions (EPS)

EPS push the boundaries to what can be achieved with the T3 modular display system.

The Client

Exhibition and Presentation Solutions (EPS), founded by Directors Ian Rowberry and David Sallows, is a large-format printing company renowned for its delivery of impeccable service and innovative print solutions. EPS has been working with Tecna UK and the T3 modular display system for a few years now, and their clever incorporation of custom elements into their modular displays has really caught our eye. 

They are so proficient with the system that they're pushing the boundaries and creating impressive custom-modular hybrids

From Tools to Tool-less

Before meeting Tecna UK back in 2016, EPS had already been investing in modular displays supplied by another company. However, this was a solution that could only be constructed with the assistance of an allen key. So, that’s where we stepped in. Tecna UK introduced EPS to T3, a simpler alternative for their display requirements that required no tools to build. 

Upscaling with T3

After joining forces with Tecna UK, EPS initially used T3 to create smaller-scale displays . During this time, they came to familiarise themselves with T3 whilst finetuning their design skills through training workshops on SketchUp – a software used to create 3D drawings of displays. It was then that they started to invest in more and more T3 framework. 

EPS, now equipped with heightened design proficiency in SketchUp and a growing T3 stock count, started taking T3 to the next level. They began creating displays that were increasingly ambitious in design. And, perhaps most impressively, EPS is designing and delivering T3 modular displays that integrate custom elements to create something truly memorable and unique.

Pushing the Boundaries

Tecna UK’s Director of Sales, Neil Brown, has been astounded with the displays that EPS has been delivering to its clients, and aptly summed up the way things work as follows:

“We supply the parts they request. They then run with it and create”.  He adds, “they are so proficient with the system that they’re pushing the boundaries and creating impressive custom-modular hybrids.”

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“The Tecna UK team are so easy to work with and they always make sure you get what you ask for. We always have such high expectations.”

Dan Harman, Advance Digital Graphics

“SD Displays now has a better understanding of the different aspects of T3 and how widely it can be used. We found our Discovery Day to be very informative. And it equipped us with better insight into the product. The discovery cards handed out to us, most notably, were very easy to understand. The cards enhanced the learning experience by providing the addition of easy-to-digest visuals of T3.”

Jenna May Taylor, SD Displays

“Tecna UK threw valuable tips and tricks our way. Ones that focussed on the types of unique features we could integrate into our designs to enhance our customers’ displays. Thanks to these valuable insights from Tecna UK, we now know how to incorporate more curved geometry into our designs, and how to push the creative boundaries of what we can achieve with T3.”

Lennard Ewenson, Konica Minolta

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