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Delivering shell-scheme solutions using T3

Jon Sherwood is the driving force behind Stoke-on-Trent-based reprographic company, Cipher Graphics. This is his story about focusing on a specific T3 solution that works for his business and his clients.

The Situation

Cipher has been working with Tecna UK and the T3 modular display system for nearly 10 years now, but three years ago the team at Cipher realised that a specific T3 solution – the T3 Shell-Kit – could be the right focus for the business moving forward. The T3 Shell-Kit is a solution that attaches T3 framework to the aluminium uprights found in shell-schemes at exhibitions and events. It allows exhibitors to maximise space (which is typically quite small) whilst simultaneously delivering a beautiful graphics display.

Why the T3 Shell-Kit?

What really caught the eye of the Cipher team was the seamless graphics that could be achieved with this particular T3 solution.  Being able to deliver graphics that looked “fabulous” held great appeal, as Jon knew that his clients would be keen to deliver maximum impact for their brand, even when restricted to more confined spaces. What’s more, focusing on the T3 Shell-Kit allowed Jon to create a business model that not only worked well for the company but also catered to his clients’ needs.

“T3 is a great alternative to wood. At the end of an exhibition, we don’t bin the stand. It is reusable and reconfigurable enabling us to utilise the same frame components for multiple clients. Thus, both Cipher and our clients benefit from ongoing cost savings.” – Jon Sherwood.

Letting clients focus on the “talking”

Having invested in a stock of framework over the years, Cipher has been able to add rental options to their offering, a service which provides clients with a quick, easy, and cost-effective display solution. Cipher has also started offering a range of other services as well, including installations to help them construct their displays, and the benefit of doing so extends to both Cipher’s clients and to the company itself: through offering a variety of services, Cipher can relieve some of their client’s exhibiting stress and leave them to focus on “doing the talking at the show”, similarly expanding on their company’s revenue streams and increasing profits.

“There is nothing better than T3. I can get a 4x4m stand into the back of a car and send the lads off to install.”

Going beyond just the T3 Shell-Kit

Cipher has clients that really buy into the modularity and reusability of T3. One of Cipher’s clients, a leading global manufacturer, has purchased a stock of T3 which Cipher then stores for them to reuse at multiple shows throughout the calendar year. Whenever a new show approaches, Tecna UK and Cipher work collaboratively to design, build and deliver a brand-new display for them. While the Tecna team designs a completely unique, reconfigured display that minimises the need to buy new components, Cipher focuses on printing and installing the graphics.

Looking to the future Jon is hoping to grow with Tecna UK and T3, with plans to branch out and expand his T3 offering to appeal to a broader client base, namely to those that are interested in T3 providing a much more bespoke, space-only display. Having had great success with the T3 Shell-Kit already, Jon is sure to continue to reap the benefits as he invests in more T3 stock in the years to come.

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“The T3 modular display system is great, but it wouldn’t have been as good if it weren’t for Tecna UK. Their service is impeccable and they are with us all the way – with all facets of the display journey: logistics, marketing, sales, design support and training. Recently the tailor-made a Discovery Day for us, where they gave us training to ensure we are best placed to maximise sales and enhance the way we work with T3.”

David Stewart, RedBlu Graphics

“From start to finish, Tecna UK kept in direct contact with us to ensure our designs were exactly as we wanted them to be. Scanners are an essential part of our offering and our booths needed to accommodate them. The Tecna UK team adjusted and adapted the framework accordingly and designed T3 booths for us that worked well with all of our high-tech equipment.”

Paul Bromley, Kurio Compression

“Working with the team has been great. Whenever we have needed anything, they can provide it to us and in a quick turnaround.”

Jake Walden, The Total Event Company

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