T3 Design Feature Ideas

T3 is a mighty modular display system that is limited only by your imagination. The simplicity of the beams and connectors, and the speed and ease with which a display goes up and comes down, could fool you into thinking your display designs need also be simple and easy. And, that’s where you’d be wrong. The design capability of T3 is immense. Here we show you some features that have been incorporated into T3 designs which may give you ideas for your own stand or display designs.


Integrated AV screens

AV screens can be added to any part of a T3 structure, whether straight or curved. Surface mounted, flush-mounted or go large and create video walls.

In this example, the screen is flush mounted to the back wall to allow for streaming of food preparation.

Portable kitchens and bars

Food safe worktops and integrated appliances including sinks and cooking hobs make it easy to create temporary, pop up kitchens and bars that really help deliver an experiential event. Add in cameras and audio visual and you can live stream your event.

Straight and curved counters

The modularity of T3 and availability of curved, straight and angled components means you can create shaped counters to meet your requirements.


Changing Room

Here’s a clever alternative to using full height doors. Portable private changing rooms can be created using T3 hanging rails and a curtain, giving a lightweight and easy alternative to a full height door.

Slat walling

T3 is a great choice for retail applications because of it’s modular versatility and ease and speed of build. Here, a slat walling insert has been fitted into the T3 beam to allow the beam to accept the slat walling.

Specific components to create retail environments such as slat walling for retail product displays and associated accessories are available from Tecna UK.

Corner counters

Create freestanding or fixed counters. Here, two corner counters are used – one freestanding and one fixed to the side wall. Incorporate internal shelving.


Overhead Gantry with downlighting

Gantry adds structure and drama to T3 stands and connects areas of the stand together. Add curves to enhance the aesthetics and incorporate downlighting to provide illumination to the overall design.

Freestanding modular counters

T3 is perfect for creating functional yet stylish freestanding reception counters, information desks, or shelving units. Make them straight or curved, high or low. Include shapes, angles or varying heights to achieve want you need.

Storage solutions

T3 counters are the handy way to manage on-stand storage requirements. Add open shelving or include cupboard doors to hide away your stationery, brochures and promo items.

Integrated work surfaces

Here’s an easy way to create worktop surfaces on your display that work beautifully with the overall open design of the stand. Fixed in place to the upright walls, these open worktop designs are rock solid.


Need a back wall?

No matter how long the space, T3 is incredible for building impressive walling structures. Go long, go high. Tell us what you need to do and we’ll make it happen.

Wall mounted AV screens

Incorporate AV screens into your display wherever you need them. Flush mounted, surface mounted or even a full video wall. You tell us, we’ll make it happen.

Graphic substrates

With semi-rigid, rigid and fabric as the most popular graphic substrates, there is plenty of choice to create the display you need. Here, backlit acrylic and fabric is applied to create illuminated impact to the wall display.


Showcase units

Incorporate open display areas within the structure to create showcase areas. Add bespoke shelves and downlights to enhance your product display.

Showcase units can also be sealed for occasions when you want to create a ‘look but don’t touch’ display!

Integrated hospitality

With the modular design of T3, it’s easy to use the depth of the framework structure to create internal shelving displays. These can be used for your specific purposes. In this example, a fully stocked hospitality bar is created. Bespoke custom counters finish off the look and could include a hinge worktop section to make access behind the bar, easy.


Hi-technology exhibition stand render for hotspots

Create depth within the framework

A multi-depth back wall creates useful storage and usable work surfaces. It also enables an overhead canopy for high level branding.

Under canopy lighting

We offer a range of lighting options to really draw attention to your display. Here, soft under canopy lighting is used to illuminate the work surface counter below.

Lighting is available for under counter tops, as floor edging, in high level gantries, behind fabric walls to create light boxes, in fact, wherever you need to create sophisticated accents.

Modular freestanding plinths

Creating freestanding product display plinths is easy and you can incorporate different heights and shapes. Here a raised centre section is created. These can easily be reconfigured and rearranged to create a L shape or straight freestanding counter unit.

“Tecna UK’s ability to turn a simple sketch into a detailed 3D drawing in less than a day blew us away. The fact that it all started out with a simple, very rough sketch of how we wanted our stand at RBTE 2018 to look, and ended up creating a fabulous showroom which can be used all year round, is beyond amazing.”

Natalie Cullen, SATO


freestanding exhibition display stand

Get many more design ideas in the T3 Gallery


T3 can be reconfigured to solve any problem.

T3 is both reusable and reconfigurable. Use it time and again for any exhibition, event, conference, or retail purpose. Reconfigure your T3 framework; rearrange it into an entirely new design if you want – keep the framework, just swap the graphics


Take a look at T3 in action

At Tecna UK, collaboration and innovation are at our core. And, we consistently work with our partners to design, build and deliver displays that surpass their expectations.

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