standard-colours-with-ral-v2 standard-colours-with-ral-v2

Add Some Colour

It has arrived! We are pleased to announce that the world’s most versatile modular display system is now available in an exciting array of standard and custom colours! We call it, T3 DECO! This marks a new era in the modular display universe, where exposed framework can now be utilised as a modern and impactful design feature for a huge variety of display applications. Now, beams and connectors can be interchanged to create interesting colour combinations. And with a host of other T3 fixings available, you can create dramatic displays with your favourite modular display system!

Customise Your Colour

Whether you want to opt for a standard T3 DECO beam (see above), or customise the colour beam to something that suits you, the choice is yours! Stand out from the crowd with T3 beams that perfectly match your brand colours! Use exposed coloured beams for framework to enforce your brand identity. Not only will you be the talk of the town, but you will also have a completely personalised display solution. Just send us your colour codes and watch your bespoke display come to life! Please be aware that there is a minimum order and a longer lead time with custom colours.







It's Black and White

As well as the gorgeous colour options available, T3 is now available in stunning black and white profiles. The possibilities are endless and you can create elegant and modern structures that extend beyond the exhibition hall. Use the black and white beams to create that much coveted industrial look. Think galleries, museums, retail, cafe’s, and even in the home!

What are you waiting for?

Be amongst the first of our customers to utilise this revolution in display technology, we can’t wait to see what creations will emerge! Send us a scribble today to begin your display journey in colour with T3 DECO.

We Make It Happen.

With an expansive suite of services on offer, Tecna UK will collaborate with you to ensure that you get the most out of your T3 modular display. From design, all the way through to logistics, sales and marketing support, we make it happen for you.  


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