T3 Benefits

Nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build. The real success behind T3 is its versality, and the ability for it to be reconfigured for multiple events or different display requirements. So, here is a quick reminder of the other benefits of the T3 modular display system. If you have a question you’d like to ask, please get in touch as we’d be happy to help.

T3 grows with your needs

Because T3 is versatile and reconfigurable, you can start with a small display and add on extra elements with ease as you need to. Simply add more beams and connectors to your original display and let your designs grow with your requirements.

Reduce Labour Costs

No need for skilled labour. Your own staff can build structures quickly and easily.

No Tools Required

T3 uses a simple patented, twist and lock connection which means you do not require any tools or levers to push when installing or dismantling your display.

Custom Look and Feel

T3 gives you the ability to completely cover the framework and easily add custom elements. Achieve the look and feel of a traditional, custom-built display but without the hefty price tag.

Speed of Build

With no tools required the T3 modular display system makes installation and dismantle times shorter than conventional construction methods.

Clad with Multiple Substrates

Clad T3 with a wide variety of graphic substrates, including but  not limited to rigid boards such as Foamex, rollable PVC, tension fabric and acrylic.

Lightweight and Compact

Each T3 profile is only 33mm x 33mm and the aluminium beams come in manageable sizes, so you can store them within a flight case(s) or carry bag(s).

Integrate Custom Elements

T3’s strong aluminium framework can withstand a multitude of custom elements. Integrate anything from slat walls and display shelving, to showcasing units and illumination into your T3 display.

Ease of Transport

The compact T3 framework packs down small enough that certain displays can be transported in the back of your car.

Endless Display Possibilities

Use T3 for a wide variety of displays. Exhibition stands, conference sets, retail displays, light boxes, bars and counters, photobooths, event backdrops, entrance features and much more. With T3 you can build a display that meets all your requirements.

Reconfigure and Reuse

T3’s modular design means you can configure and reconfigure your T3 framework into any display shape and design you like.

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