Get excited! Introducing the T3 Awards from Tecna UK 2018/2019!


Get involved for a chance to showcase your most impressive, standout displays of the year. And celebrate the best modular displays on the market!


Entry deadline is 13th December 2019

Qualification period for all entries is 1st January 2018 – 1st October 2019

How to Enter:

1)      View the T&Cs and category information below

2)      Download a PDF entry form here

3)      Fill out the form. Please enter a new form per award category submission

4)      Email your PDF entry submission to by 13th December 2019. Attach high resolution images of your display being entered to your email. Please name your submitted image files as your company name and entered award category

5)      Winners will be announced on 8th January 2020


Please click here to see the Terms and Conditions.



Best Example of Reconfiguration

This award will highlight a T3 display that has been reconfigured multiple times or has been reconfigured for a completely different application.

Best Use of Substrates

This award will recognise a T3 display that has substrates that are bold and impactful, either through use of colour or through unique design. Additionally, the display may either use a specific substrate well across the display, or the display will have incorporated multiple different substrates.

Best Integration of Custom Elements

This award will identify a T3 display that has integrated or bolted on custom elements.

Most Travelled Display

This award will highlight a T3 display that has travelled to a different country, or travelled multiple times within the same country. This category is also open to displays that were first configured years ago but are still being used today.

The Best Overall T3 Display 2018/2019

This award will identify the T3 display that has achieved a standout and impressive impact. Including but not limited to the following features: curves, angles, custom elements, substrates, height, application and configuration.



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