Your T3 Award Winners 2019!

The judges have made their decisions and we can finally announce our T3 Award winners of 2019! See them all below.




Best Integration of Custom Elements Winner 2019

Advance Digital Graphics Sleep & Eat

Dan Harman, Advance Digital Graphics:

“Working with marketing agency Promotion Line, we created the Aqualisa stand using T3 and incorporated lit shower demo boards fixed with split battens, a custom made LED lit shelving unit over an integrated fridge and the biggest challenge on this stand “a working shower” complete with shower screen and tray. All the shower workings and reservoir are hidden underneath and inside the T3 structure.”

The Judging Panel were impressed with the final result of this display, with features integrated that some of them had never seen before.

Best Use of Substrates Winner 2019

Burnt Orange Creative Marketing EPUAP BBI

Jon Hall, Burnt Orange Creative Marketing:

“We used a combination of foamex boards with both matte and gloss finishes, perspex panels and backlit fabric to create a light and airy environment. A light coloured floor covering was used to reflect light back upwards and further enhance the feeling of space.

We constructed an arch over the stand to mount a touchscreen pointing out to the aisle and attract delegates to the stand, effectively creating the 3rd zone on the outside of the stand maximising space. Zone one used the 3m return wall, Zone 2 used the back wall with a full length counter and Zone 3 used the aisle in front of the arch.

We used lighting to highlight the 3 Zones. Perspex was integrated into the Foamex panels and backlit to add visual impact in key areas such as the Provisio logo and to link the graphics to the AV presentations.”

The Judging Panel loved the range of different substrates used on this display to create effect. The range of substrates combined with positioning really wowed the panel.

Most Travelled T3 Display Winner 2019

Smart Display Mocap

Chris Stewart, Smart Display:

“This stand has been reconfigured and rebuilt at the following shows: Advanced Engineering 2018 – Birmingham UK, Eisenwaremesse 2018 – Cologne, Gemany, FachPack 2018 – Nuremburg, Germany, iPack 2018 – Milan, Italy, EMO 2019 – Hannover, Germany, Engine Expo 2019 – Stuttgart, Germany, Midest 2019 – Lyon, France, Paris Air Show 2019, Advanced Engineering UK 2019 – Birmingham, Packaging Innovations UK 2019 – Birmingham”

The Judging Panel commented particularly on how this display has travelled around across Europe, but also how they have reconfigured the display to change up the design.

Best Example of Reconfiguration Winner 2019

Mirage Display Ltd Platinum

Dave Hardman, Mirage Display Ltd:

“Platinum have utilised the complete T3 display that they purchased and have gone ahead to use it in multiple configurations with many more in the pipeline.”

The Judging Panel admired the contrast in the configurations, and acknowledgement they were built using the exact same kit.

Best Overall T3 Display Winner 2019

EPS Limited CV Show

Joshua Rowberry, EPS Limited:

“On one side, we have utilized all fabrics with a large 7m x 3.7m fabric wall with cut out holes to include 2 custom 1m x 0.5m shelves fully with lighting inside into the fabric wall and even around an archway. We have also got fabrics going all the way around our fully custom built shell for a large 3.5m x 2m LED screen that we have managed to work around and design and build a fully functioning stable shell for the screen to sit on perfectly.

On the other half of the stand we have an entire area with only Foamex graphics with rustic print to give it a more real historic feel and look. We have also designed and built our own wooden overhead beams, fully wired with our very own supplied historic lights to hang from them. We managed to design this area to support the weight of 3 of these beams and stretch them across 5m of the T3 frame. We also hand built our very own tables to fit into this stand inside this area made entirely out of scrap wooden pallets to give a real rustic look that graphics couldn’t give.”

The Judging Panel were impressed with the range of different elements integrated into making this entire display. All were very amazed with how the substrates were used and how different effects were created.


And that is all for our T3 Awards! A massive congratulations to all of the above and a big thank you to everyone that participated. We can’t wait to see what happens in the T3 Awards from Tecna UK 2020!


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