Systematic Join Tecna UK for a Discovery Day to Support their Clients Further

For over 40 years Systematic has supported the success of leading businesses across the UK, through marketing products, graphic design and award-winning print services. Their services include brand marketing, bringing brands to life through resources that range from corporate gifts to exhibition displays. Keen to work with a market-leading system, the Systematic team committed to a Discovery Day at to our Farnborough HQ, to get to know more about T3 and how it will help their clients win business and do business.

The Start of a Modular Journey

The beginning of Systematic’s journey with T3 began when they were searching for a modular display system that could be re-used and easy to transport; to fill the gap in their offerings for exhibitions.

It was when Systematic heard about Tecna UK from a supplier, that they started to do their homework on the T3 system. Systematic’s Account Manager, Mark Wilkinson, explains,

“After hearing about Tecna UK, I decided to give them a visit in London at this year’s Event Production Show. It was a great opportunity to see T3 and understand how it works.”

After Mark worked with a member of the Tecna UK team for a few months, he thought it was beneficial for the wider team of Systematic to get involved with both T3 and Tecna UK, and therefore, attend one of our Discovery Days.

Discovery Day Strengthens Confidence in Designing and Building

Tecna UK always tailor their Discovery Days to factor in all levels of T3 experience. The main objectives for Systematic were to learn how to be comfortable offering T3 to their clients, including knowledge about key selling points of the system and learning how to present their design ideas. Mark explains,

“We were eager to learn more about the design process when offering T3 to our clients. So, our Studio Manager spent some time with Pete looking at SketchUp, to show us how we can create 3D mock-ups.”

Whilst some of the team were learning SketchUp, the remaining team members had a chance to get hands-on and get T3 building! This was one of the highlights to Systematic’s Discovery Day,

“the team really enjoyed building T3, it was a nice way to put what we had learnt, into action. It was also a great chance to see first-hand how easy it was to install!”

Systematic Discovery Day Building

Simple System, Simple Showcasing

For Systematic, learning more about T3 was key to being able to successfully sell it onto their own clients. Mark tells us,

“One of the key insights of the Discovery Day was learning the different value points that make T3 the best solution. For example, the system being adaptable for different substrates, its reusability, and its simplicity!”

One of the pieces of advice Mark and the team at Systematic took away was effective and simple techniques to present T3 to their customers, Mark explains,

“we learnt not to overcomplicate T3 when showcasing it to a customer, as it is so simple! Simply just hand the beams over to them and work from there.”

Systematic Discovery Day Learning

A Growing Partnership

One of the many reasons we hold Discovery Days for our clients is to strengthen our partnerships. Going forward, Mark tells us that Systematic is going to be expanding their showcasing of T3 and also building

“a selection of blog articles and newsletter features to announce our partnership with Tecna UK to our clients.”

We can’t wait to see how Systematic develop their company with their fresh knowledge of T3!

If you’re looking to learn more about T3 and what Tecna UK can offer, give our team a call or email to book yourself in. We will tailor the entire day to exactly what will benefit you and your team.

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