Sanitiser Units & Thermal Cameras

An essential in the new ‘normal’, our sanitiser units and thermal cameras are ideal for multiple environments, both indoors and outdoors. Choose from a range of options including automatic or manual sanitiser dispensers, hand sanitiser stations, advanced technology thermal cameras, and sanitising units.

Sanitiser unit sign for hand washing

Sanitiser Units Ready For Use Right Away

All our sanitiser units and thermal cameras come ready-made, great for quick implementation. Our sanitiser products and thermal cameras are an absolute must to reduce the spread of germs and infection. All our products are available in standard sizing and branding, and are fully customisable to suit your individual requirements.

hand-sanitiser-unit-placed-next-to-desk-space hand-sanitiser-unit-placed-next-to-desk-space

Why Choose Tecna UK For Your Sanitiser Units?

  • Trusted UK manufacturer – built in the UK, delivered worldwide.
  • Standard or custom – all our sanitiser products come in standard sizing and branding, but are fully customisable with options like adjustable heights, branded graphics, automatic or manual dispensers, and lots more.
  • Easy-clean products – all sanitiser products can be easily cleaned to reduce the spread of germs even further.
  • Full turnkey support – our team will be there to help along the way, ensuring your sanitiser units are designed, delivered and installed to your exact requirements.
  • Quick & easy install – once installed, our sanitiser products and thermal cameras can be used straight away.
  • Premium finish using high quality materials – our sanitiser stands have been properly researched and developed to have a high-quality finish.

Where You Can Use Sanitiser Units & Thermal Cameras

Offices & Workplaces

Ensure the safety of your employees by implementing regular sanitisation points around your office or workplace. Choose from our range of sanitiser units and thermal cameras to reduce the spread of germs.

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hand-sanitiser-unit-signposted-in-office hand-sanitiser-unit-signposted-in-office
retail-location-using-hand-sanitiser-unit retail-location-using-hand-sanitiser-unit

Retail Environments

Give customers the option to sanitise as they’re walking through your space. Alternatively, use our thermal cameras to track the temperatures of each person about to enter, to reduce the risk of infection. Our sanitiser products are effective both indoors and outdoors, giving you the flexibility of your placement.

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Hotels & Accommodation

Great for areas throughout hotels & accommodation to allow guests to regularly sanitise and have temperature checks. All our products can be customised to suit individual requirements and branding.

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branded-hand-sanitiser-unit branded-hand-sanitiser-unit
sanitiser-unit-in-a-restaurant sanitiser-unit-in-a-restaurant

Cafes, Restaurants & Pubs

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene within your cafes, restaurants and pubs by implementing sanitiser products throughout. Monitor your customers’ temperature and control the flow of people into your dining area to safely follow social distancing measures.

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Leisure, Health & Beauty

In areas within close proximity to others, sanitiser units and thermal cameras are great to take precaution. In places like spas, gyms, leisure centres, hairdressers, and salons, our products can help maintain the cleanliness and reduce the risk of infection between customers and staff.

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sanitiser-unit-in-gym sanitiser-unit-in-gym

Sanitiser Units & Thermal Cameras Gallery

See our gallery of images of sanitiser units, thermal imagery cameras, and sanitiser stations.


image-of-hand-sanitiser-unit image-of-hand-sanitiser-unit

Visit Our Shop For The Full Range of Sanitiser Units

Find our full range of sanitiser units & thermal cameras on the Tecna UK shop. All available in standard branding and sizes, request a quote for customisable options.






How do I build the sanitiser units?

Our sanitiser units and thermal cameras all come prebuilt so you don’t need to worry.

What size dispenser is included?

Our sanitiser unit and thermal sani-stand dispensers can all hold a 1L capacity of sanitiser liquid.

Do you supply the sanitiser liquid?

As standard, our sanitiser units and thermal sani-stands come without sanitiser liquid. But upon request, we can supply sanitiser liquid.

How tall are the sanitiser units and thermal cameras?

Our sanitiser units and thermal cameras come in a range of sizes under 2m, and can also be customised to any height. Our sanitiser units have an easy to adjust height function.

Are your sanitiser units automatic or manual?

We have both automatic and manual sanitiser dispensers available. Please let us know upon request which one you’d like.

What are the benefits of the thermal camera sani-stands?

Our range of thermal camera stands use advanced technology to monitor core body temperature. They also track up to 50,000 readings, allowing you to control the flow of people within an area. Great for areas with a high footfall.

What materials are used for your sanitiser stands?

Our sanitiser stands are manufactured with a strong, steel post and base. And for signage on the sanitiser stand, we use premium 5mm acrylic. Our sanitiser stands have been designed and manufactured with materials that can both be used indoors and outdoors for maximum usage.

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