At Tecna UK, collaboration and innovation are at our core. And, we consistently work with our partners to design, build and deliver displays that surpass their expectations. Get inspired by viewing the T3 Gallery of display solutions and take a look through our T3 in Action case studies to find out how we are working with our partners to realise their modular display projects.

We Make It Happen

We’re here to help you make the most of your T3 modular display. From design, project management, sales and marketing support to logistics, prebuild, installation and rental services, we make it happen for you.


“The support we have from the team at Tecna UK is second to none. And T3 is the perfect solution for Exhibit Interactive and our clients”

Joe Ashton, Exhibit Interactive

“Tecna UK’s services cut down the time and effort needed by us to build such a large structure at our conferences. The team plan and know exactly what needs to be done for it to work and at a competitive price!”

Sally Kotar, Certara

“Tecna UK has been an ideal partner, supplying us with what we need and what our clients want.”

Matt Taylor, Grapefruit Graphics

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