Protection & Retail Screens

The latest social distancing range from Tecna UK features a whole choice of acrylic protection screens suitable for a number of applications. From shop cashier screens to portable sneeze guards, and a range of acrylic screening products, we offer a selection of retail protection screens to protect your employees and customers. Our easy-to-build, versatile shop protection screens are effective in a variety of retail locations and can be built to suit your requirements. And now, our entire range of protection and retail screens are available with our NEW Antimicrobial coating – for your added level of protection!

T3 beams and acrylic protection screen in train station

Retail Protection Screens With Quick & Easy Application

Our range of retail cashier screens and sneeze guards require no tools to build, offering a simple and speedy application. At Tecna UK, we can also build and install your retail screens on-site. Our products are available in a range of standard sizes and branding and can be fully customisable to suit your exact requirements.

retail-screen-used-in-reception-area retail-screen-used-in-reception-area

Why choose Tecna UK For Your Retail Protection Screens?

  • Trusted UK manufacturer – our range of acrylic protection screens and sneeze screens are built in the UK, delivered worldwide.
  • Site surveys & free consultations – we’ll identify any complications and advise on the products we see best fit.
  • Customisation available – go standard, or customise your retail protection screens with T3 deco colour beams, branded graphics, printed vinyl or stickers, integrated cut-outs, and lots more. The choice is yours.
  • Easy-clean products – in busy retail environments dealing with food and drink, our products can be easily cleaned. Reducing germs and keeping your space safe.
  • Full turnkey support – our team will be there to help from start to finish, ensuring your portable sneeze screens are designed and installed to your exact requirements.
  • Rental service – for temporary solutions and cost effective alternatives, our rental service may be your best option.
  • Quick & easy install – it is quick and easy to build your acrylic protection screens, or have us install for you.
  • Premium finish using high quality materials – our shop cashier screens are fully researched, designed and manufactured to achieve a premium and high-quality finish.
  • Easy to pack down when not in use – it takes a twist and lock to build, and your retail protection screens can be packed down just as easily when not in use.
reception area using protection screen

Where You Can Use Sneeze Guards

  • Retail environments – enforce social distancing without compromising on space. Use retail protection screens and sneeze screens at till areas in shops, department stores, supermarkets, and discount stores.
  • Hotels & accommodation – help protect and reduce risk in any space where staff and guests will come into contact.
  • Cafes, restaurants & pubs – make effective use of space in your cafes, restaurants and pubs, whilst also following social distancing guidelines.

Protection & Retail Screens Gallery

See our gallery of protection screens, retail screens, acrylic dividers, and sneeze guards.



How quickly can I get my protection screens?

For our standard retail protection screens, we can offer delivery within 5-10 working days, subject to stock levels. However, depending on product, order volume, and location of install (if applicable), delivery may take longer.

What types of shop protection screens are available?

We have a range of protection and retail screens available, including sneeze guards, shop cashier screens and acrylic protection screens. All our shop protection screens are available in standard sizes and branding, but are fully customisable to your exact requirements.

How large are your acrylic protection screens?

We have a variety of standard sizing for our acrylic protection screens. For more details, please see our catalogue or shop. Although we have standard sizing available, we can also customise to whatever size you need.

Where can I use the protection screens?

Our retail protection screens are designed to be versatile in a whole suite of environments. They’re great in areas where human interaction is inevitable, by providing a safety barrier to protect all individuals. Use in offices, workplaces, hairdressers, hotels, gyms, salons, shops, supermarkets, leisure centres, restaurants, and pubs.

What are the retail protection screens made of?

We have a selection of materials used to create our protection screens. Our T3 protection screens utilise the T3 modular system. Entailing aluminium beams and plastic connectors that simply twist and lock into place. Acrylic panels can be integrated into this framework. Alternatively, we have acrylic-only protection screens, that are both sturdy and effective.

How do I build the protection screens?

Some of our protection screens come prebuilt. Alternatively, most of our protection screens are configured using the T3 modular system. Designed to be quick and easy to build, the T3 system requires no tools – just a twist and lock!

To have a browse at our available range of social distancing solutions, why not take a look at our shop? It’s full of T3 components and our new product range including desk dividers, desk partitions, protection screens, modular walling, and much more! Take a look…


“Tecna UK usually provides us with the design and installation of our exhibition requirements. With the onset of Covid-19, we have turned to Tecna UK for our temporary office screens and partitioning. Only 14 days after our initial conversation, Tecna UK had designed, manufactured, and installed over 300 desk dividers, 50 acrylic walls on wheels, and 70 sanitiser stations. I would thoroughly recommend to anybody looking to work with a reputable supplier who deliver what they promise.”

Danny Brooks, VHR Recruitment

“I would thoroughly recommend Tecna UK as a company that will go above and beyond to provide a quality product.”

Sarah Howland, Stone Quarry Crew

“Tecna UK were quick to offer an extensive range of Covid-19 safety products using the T3 system. As usual, customer support was excellent, lead times short, and all at great prices.”

Richard Braddick, RB Design & Display Ltd

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