Tecna UK’s Top Picks for Powerful Points of Interest #2

When you’re planning your exhibition stand, it’s important that you design your display with your objectives and audience in mind. An eye-catching display will not only ensure you stand out from competitors but will secure substantial footfall onto your exhibition space (according to 48% of respondents(1)). One way to do this is by highlighting specific points of interest. Our first blog post of the series discusses how you can use colour, light and movement to enhance these points. We’re now going to identify how you can increase attention to points of interest on your display, through height, form and function.

Points of interest, being specific to the exhibition environment, are features that enhance specific aspects of your display whilst also guaranteeing engagement from passers-by. Create your display to incorporate interesting height, functional intention and unique structural integrity. These will direct visitor’s attention to your brand messaging and product. And as a result, encourage engagement and therefore sales!

Grab Attention from Afar with Height

Whilst at a trade show, really maximise your display space by creating a display at height (or different heights) to extend visual interest. Take advantage of the maximum height allowance of your space at an event and make your brand visible at all angles. Giving your display height will attract visitors from afar, whilst also giving your display height and visibility over other competitors.

1. Brand Messaging

Your brand name and message are a point of interest in themselves, they explain who you are and what you stand for. And it’s imperative that your branding is clear and distinct across your whole display. Position your branding in plain sight, so that it is visible and recognisable straight away for visitors seeking you out. But don’t stop there! Design your display with your branding at an impactful height to get maximum visibility from all vantage points.

2. Light it Up

It is great to incorporate height onto your display, and even better if you’re putting your brand messaging at height for visibility. But a point of interest that will really catch people’s attention is strategic lighting. Light the top of your display, to illuminate your branding and your display to focus passers-by’s attention. But remember not to neglect your display at different height levels, maybe use under-lit counters or lightboxes to ramp the visual effect of your display on the ground or at eye-level view.

3. Bold Shapes

If you’re making a bold and grand gesture of creating a display at great height, why not get creative by making unique shapes to transform your display’s visibility? Take this display for example by Red Box Vapes. By integrating their icon from their logo, they have created a large shaped post box! An impressive and eye-catching illustration of their brand!

4. Different Levels

Height doesn’t have to be about large displays, think about the different levels you can have on your display. Will your customer’s journey take them from one level to another? Why not include a showcasing staircase to accentuate your products as points of interest on every level? And to take it to a ‘different level’, you could even light each step of your staircase to really bring your products to life.

Create Points of Interest Whilst Fulfilling a Purpose

When thinking about how you can create a display that has purpose, it may not appear obvious how functional aspects may be of interest. However, if you carefully design your display to make your functional features attractive and unique, visitors won’t notice the purpose behind them. The result? A standout display with purpose. There are so many ways you can do this, but here are just a few:

1. Showcase your Products with Eye-catching Shelving

With businesses exhibiting their brand and product, shelving is a fundamental integration onto any display that can support your drive for sales and focus on your product. With the added benefit of being useful for showcasing products and for extra storage space. Think carefully about how you can draw attention to your shelving as an interesting feature, and therefore also your products. Create unique shapes with your shelving or use different shelving types (e.g. floating shelving or inset shelving) to retain attention for longer.

2. Integrating Interactivity to Encourage Visitors to Engage with your Brand

In a continuously advancing modern environment filled with technology and exciting features, it seems almost obvious to include interactivity in some form. As a result, it will transform your display and undoubtedly draw visitors to your space as a point of interest. Whether you integrate games with your product, or incorporate touchscreens, it will naturally prolong how long visitors spend on your stand whilst also creating a buzz, and therefore, you’re more likely to create the foundations to the start of a long-lasting business relationship.

3. Use Furniture to Motivate Conversation

It may be a given to integrate furniture such as chairs, to fulfil the function of allowing people to sit down. But look beyond that. How does including chairs deliver your objectives? Perhaps, your space is larger and designed to be specifically for several sit-down meetings. Or perhaps you want the option to invite certain types of visitors to have a sit-down conversation and for others, you prefer shorter stand-up discussions. One thing is certain, when you include chairs, it encourages visitors to sit down!

So, think carefully about how you want to incorporate chairs within your display space. They have to serve a purpose that helps you deliver meaningful conversations. Think also about the finish you want for your furniture; will it match your brand colours for visitors to retain brand recognition, or will you go for an interesting shape to give the impression of what your brand is about?  Opting for sofas allows for more than one person to sit down, sparking potential networking interest. They also create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing visitors to feel comfortable when associating with your brand.

4. Freebies!

If you want a feature on your display that shouts ‘point of interest’, it’ll be a freebie. No one can resist a free product! They instantly draw people to your stand. Ultimately, you are giving away part of your brand to visitors. This means, not only will visitors already be part of your customer journey, but freebies will also make your brand memorable. Especially as 30% of visitors that receive a branded item at an event, end up using it(3). Place them in plain sight for visitors to spot, or drive visitors to get interactive with your stand and either hide them away, or use them as a thank you to visitors of interest.

Design your Display’s Structure to Enhance Points of Interest

The form of your display essentially brings every element together. Identify how you can maximise the structural integrity of your display to highlight specific points of interest. What are you going to incorporate into your display’s design to take your display from simple to standout? Whilst there are so many routes you can go down with the configuration of your display, here are just some of our favourite go-to ideas to draw interest to specific features:

1. Using Gantries

Gantries are great integrations that stand out with their boldness and height, but also add a different dimension to your display. They will attract visual interest from visitors as well as add further drama to your display design. Use them to create a structural design statement, to create an enclosed or zoned space, or to throw light across key areas of your display. They are also great for more practical elements such as cabling across yuor display.

2. Experiment with Different Substrates

Your form doesn’t just relate to the framework or the skeleton of your display, think also about your graphics and substrates. Of course your branding will be on your graphics to clad your display, so think about how using a range of substrates can enhance the look and feel of your brand experience. And don’t just think basic, why not experiment and use unique and interesting materials that will draw attention from your audience? Wood, texture and metal-look substrates are all great examples as they add a tactile finish and can be used to accentuate, complement or contrast with other finishes to give you stand-out.

3. Set Yourself Apart with Flooring

Flooring is often a hidden gem that can be added to your display space. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, but it can make a display space look finished. With such a wide range of flooring options available including caret, vinyl, laminate, and graphics, your choice of flooring can be a point of interest, all on it’s own!

4. Design with Your Customer in Mind

Part of designing your display’s form is considering the journey you want to take your customer on. Think about how you can incorporate different features that’ll make your customer’s journey an easy, but exciting one. Wayfinding features are automatically an interesting feature because of their intended purpose. Use them to effectively guide visitors around your display. Or even incorporate doors or cupboards to encourage visitors to open to discover more. Not only are these an exciting focal point but will inspire visitors to engage with your display and brand.

These are just some of the ways you can design your display to enhance points of interest through different heights, features with purpose and added dimensions. If you haven’t already, check out how you can strengthen points on your display by using colour, light and movement in our first blog of this series.




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