Experiential Displays and Photobooths

When you need to capture the interest and imagination of your audience with an engaging or interactive display feature, T3 is the ideal choice. It’s modular, lightweight and compact which makes it easy to transport and simple to build. It’s clever and unique twist, lock, connect design means you can design and build just about any type of display you need for all kinds of experiential events including roadshows, mobile kitchens, pop-up shops, product demonstrations, interactive kiosks, and photobooths. 

With no tools required or levers to push, T3 wins hands down.

What’s more, you do not need skilled labour either. Because T3 is modular, you can configure and reconfigure. Build and rebuild. Imagine and reimagine. Think beyond the simplicity of the T3 design and open your imagination to the endless possibilities. Tell us your ideas and what you want to achieve. We’ll make it happen.

Quick and easy solution for experiential displays

T3 is a mighty display solution that provides you with endless options to create whatever display design you desire, and for any event. With just three simple objects, you can create a whole host of different experiential displays; you start with aluminium beams, T3 connectors and your graphic substrate of choice and the finished display is whatever your imagination conceives. And, because T3 modular displays are reconfigurable, you can change your display, time and time again!


Photobooths for events, parties and festivities

T3 Photo Booths are the ‘must have’ feature at weddings, parties and other events. Providing great fun for the guests and creating lasting memories for everyone.

T3 Photo Booths and Selfie Pods come with plug and play technology, making it extremely easy to setup and use. Simply connect up two power cables, as well as one USB cable and you have a fully working photo booth, ready to capture those all important moments. Additionally, the massive interaction with social media channels, means that people can easily share details of their events and photos with all of their friends and social media contacts.

We supply everything for your T3 Photo Booths: high quality T3 framework, internal and external graphics, as well as all internal hardware and software. We can manufacture any design of photo booth – so don’t restrict yourself – we love a challenge! We can accommodate ‘selfie’ booths for smaller venues, as well as ‘team’ photo booths for larger groups.

T3 Experiential Displays and Photobooth Gallery

Take a look at some of the experiential displays and photobooth designs created using the T3 modular display system.



Photobooths, accessories and spares to buy online

Did you know we offer a range of accessories to compliment your T3 modular display. From flight cases and lightweight carry bags to an array of lighting accessories and spares, you can buy T3 accessories and spares as well as Photo booths in the Tecna Shop.


Discover more ideas for display solutions


T3 modular display system

T3 is the world’s most versatile modular display system. T3 is unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable. With components that twist and lock together, T3 is also brilliantly simple to construct and requires no tools to build. Use T3 for anything –  the possibilities of endless. 


Download the T3 Photobooths brochure

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