One framework solution, multiple displays

The T3 modular display system has the ability to be reconfigured with ease. What this means is your initial exhibition stand layout can be changed for multiple exhibitions, creating a different look for every event.

The Brief
Early in our relationship with Ouno Creative, a multimedia and communications agency, we were approached to work in partnership with them on a project for their client, Manthorpe Group. Once the merits of T3 was explained to Ouno Creative the brief for this project involved two divisions of the Manthorpe Group, being Engineering and Building Products. Each division wanted the same features on their exhibition stands but in differing styles:

  • Engineering – Farnborough International Air Show (FIA) – 10m x 7m 3 sides open stand
  • Building Products – UK Construction Week, NEC – 12m x 12m Island stand
T3 reconfigured exhibition Stand

T3 reconfigured exhibition Stand
T3 reconfigured exhibition Stand
T3 reconfigured exhibition Stand
T3 reconfigured exhibition Stand

The Clients
Ouno Creative is a multimedia agency delivering communications across print, web, video and digital platforms. They have an impressive clients list who benefit from their flair for design, depth of experience and technological know-how. Their love for technology and champion innovation means they are passionate about design and strive to produce careful and beautiful communication.

The Manthorpe Group is a versatile and experienced group of manufacturing companies with its headquarters located on its own 13 acre site in Ripley, Derbyshire, UK. Comprising Engineering and Building Products divisions the group has flourished, now with over 35 and 30 years’ experience in the divisions’ respective fields.

A special thank goes out to all those involved in the project.

Tecna UK Ltd

  • Neil Brown
  • Colin Malkin
  • Jon Wicks
  • Kerry Gomm
  • Matt Gabriel
  • Michael Mitchinson
  • Jonny Garner

Ouno Creative

  • Simon Pipe

Manthorpe Group

  • Mark Elliot
  • Gareth Wright

The brief required us to design two exhibition stands with the second stand using as much framework as possible from the first stand. The first event needed to include custom elements to support a large 4×4 LED wall plus generic meeting areas and product displays across both stands. The requirement also included a full turnkey solution including Project Management, Pre-build, Installation and Dismantle.

The Design
It was clear from the start that the two divisions of Manthorpe Group required the same features on each stand but in different styles which certainly tested the versatility of the T3 modular display system. The design process required a few initial meetings with Ouno Creative which then lead into meetings with the end user, Manthorpe Group.

The first exhibition was to be held at the Farnborough International Air Show (FIA). The Engineering division had purchased a 10m x 7m three open-sided stand.

The key brief elements were:

  • Meeting area
  • Large curved lightbox
  • 4×4 LED wall
  • Counters
  • Storage room
  • Product areas

The design required a semi-private meeting area which meant we had to close one of the open sides. This then lead to us having conversations with the event organisers, as this was going against the shows criteria of ensuring lines of sight remain clear. To overcome this it was agreed by all parties that we could create a semi-transparent wall. This wall was created by integrating solid sheets of polycarbonate into the T3 framework.

After careful consideration, it was agreed that the best way for the wall to be created to support the 4×4 LED wall would be to use our custom build contacts to work with combining wooden elements with T3. Ouno then engaged with Smart AV who then liaised directly with Tecna UK regarding the technical information required for T3 to blend seamlessly with the LED wall and thus to be able to install and run the 4×4 LED wall.

The second exhibition was for the Building Products division who had purchased a 12m x 12m island space for the UK Construction Week event at the NEC. This design had to reuse as much as possible of the T3 framework used in the FIA event.

The key brief elements were:

  • Meeting area
  • Lightboxes
  • Walls displaying their products
  • Counters

Having to reconfigure the T3 framework from the first show brought in a few design challenges for this stand being the first stand was largely square and the second had curvature. After a few meetings with all

parties involved and an amount of new T3 framework being used, we were able to produce a stand layout that everyone was happy with. This involved a few triangular totems with illuminated top sections, counters with custom tops to display the building products, a circular meeting area in the centre of the stand and X-shaped walls which contained MDF to support their building products.

Each exhibition stand was pre-built in our premises in Farnborough, allowing both Ouno Creative and Manthorpe Group to view the stands before the events. We then worked closely with the A.V. company and custom house to keep to schedules for the installation.

The Final Displays
Both Manthorpe Group exhibition stands were received with high praise with each display definitely making a big impact and stood out from the competition.

Simon Pipe of Ouno Creative commented “The level of service which we received throughout the project from Tecna UK was above and beyond what we expected. Feeling confident with the professional manner and approach they have, meant we were happy for them to liaise directly with our client knowing that any developments would be relayed back to us.”

“We couldn’t be happier with the final look of our exhibition stand. After talking to the other exhibitors around us they didn’t believe me that our stand was modular and that we owned it. Then to rub more salt in their wounds they then heard the price we had paid. Tecna wes able to overcome all challenges thrown at them and the final stand and service was exceptional,” said Mark Elliott from the Manthorpe Group.

These very different exhibition stands are a fantastic example of how T3 can be reconfigured for multiple events. The ability to be reconfigured and reused with ease, means T3 is the only solution your will ever need, giving you endless display possibilities.

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