T3 Attracts the Limelight at This Year’s Vaper Expo

Vaping Forecast to Top the 50 Million Mark 


The number of people who vape worldwide is poised to reach 55 million by 2021 according to market research group Euromonitor. This figure represents huge growth when you consider that the current number stands at an estimated 35 million


Competition in the Vape Industry Rife 

As vaping continues to attract millions more users each year, it’s fair to say the vape industry is a burgeoning one. And it’s rapidly becoming a highly lucrative space. But it is also competitive: the promise of rapid growth coupled with the fact that vaping is a relatively new industry means that new sector land grab is still very much in play. 

With competition rife, vaping businesses are scheduling in any expo they can to up their face-to-face marketing activities, promote their products and edge out competitors. And with generous budgets on their side, you’d be forgiven for assuming they might opt to go down the bespoke, custom-build route for their expo displays.

Opting for Modular for Vaper Expo Display Stands


However, following on from this year’s Vaper Expo, the evident abundance of T3 modular displays quickly disproved any such assumptionUpon walking into the expo hall, we could see that a number of exhibitors had chosen the T3 modular display system for their exhibition display stands, having seen the display system as an ideal solution for this pivotal opportunity to attract new clients to their brand.  


Why the T3 Modular Display? 

Why? Theanswer is really rather simple. With TecnaUK and T3, the exhibitors were able to achieve spectacular, eye-catching, attention-grabbing stands at a worthwhile reduction in cost compared to a custom-build alternative, and cutting no corners on design prowess. 

Design Features that Accentuate their Offering

Between the T3 modular display stands used to exhibit, everything from counters and light boxes to gantries, seating areas, display units and sampling stations were integrated into the displaysaccompanied by an array of impressive graphic artwork. 


Return on Investment an Added Bonus 

Tecna UK’s T3 system is also an inviting alternative to its custom-built counterparts because not only is it super easy to build, but it is also reconfigurable and reusable. The latter two are particularly noteworthy, as reconfigurability and reusability equal higher return on investment: if one hopes to exhibit at multiple events, or indeed are in need of a display for other purposes, they can reuse and reconstruct their T3 modular displays as many times as they want!  

If you’ve got any vape expos, or indeed any other expos, in the works, get in contact with our design team to see how we can design the perfect display stand for you.

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