The Captain’s Ride Round Up 2019

Published by Aimee Boschier | 19/12/2019

A selection of people cycling for The Captain's Ride 2019

It was Tecna UK’s Managing Director, Simeon Wicks’, second year cycling for the Steve Waugh Foundation. Over 1000km in the 40-degree weather in Northern Australia, The Captain’s Ride 2019 was definitely a challenge. And Simeon only went and completed it! We’re giving you a round-up of his experience taking part in The Captain’s Ride, including the not so sunny parts!

The Captain’s Ride takes place yearly to raise money for The Steve Waugh Foundation, a charity raising money to improve the quality of life for those living with rare diseases.

We caught up with Simeon in the course of him training for The Captain’s Ride 2019, if you want to find out the details, check them out here.

The Training Began

Overhead shot of The Captain's Ride 2019

With distant memories of how challenging The Captain’s Ride was back in 2018, Sim was keen to start training months in advance. Taking part in various sporting events including, the Velo Ride in Birmingham and the PrudentialRide London, Simeon was working hard to get himself ready for the long journey ahead.

Speaking to Simeon about his training process he says,

“the hardest part about the training was not being able to replicate the environment we’d be cycling in in Australia. Here in Surrey, you haven’t got the mountains or the weather like Australia. So, you can’t effectively train for it.”

Taking on the Challenge

Group of cyclists cycling for The Captain's Ride 2019

After a few months of cycling around like a spandex fluorescent highlighter, Simeon was ready (or so he thought) to take on the Captain’s Ride 2019.

When he first began cycling, Simeon’s first impression was the impact of the heat, “it was hotter than any of the locals expected.”

He continues, “the first day was predicted to be relatively easy, but it was very hot and dusty. And the small climb at the end turned out to be a 20% gradient and it was a killer!”

A few days in, the heat and strenuous exercise really took its toll when Simeon suffered with heat exhaustion, “I nearly got pulled off the ride. I’ve never experienced something like that before, I was shaking and shivering. It was really hard for me, but the thought of the kids’ lives we could change helped to get me through.”

Motivated Every Pedal of the Way

Behind Shot of cyclists in The Captain's Ride 2019

The Captain’s Ride every year is a challenge for everyone that takes part, Simeon explains “on paper, this wasn’t the hardest Captain’s Ride they’ve ever done. But because of the heat, the consensus was that it could possibly be the toughest.”

Although it was a struggle, Simeon explains his motivation to keep going,

“there were definitely low points, I nearly broke out in tears on the bike at one point due to the emotional stress.

“But it was great to go past the schools and be welcomed by the kids. It was also helpful to be around people that were so motivating. Kurt Fearnley, a Paralympian, came out with us to do 20km and ended up doing 100km in his wheelchair. It was the most inspirational thing I’ve ever seen!”

Money Raised for a Great Cause

The biggest congratulations to those who took part in The Captain’s Ride 2019 and a massive thank you to those who contributed to raising money for such a great cause. We are so proud of Sim and everyone else that participated!

The Captain’s Ride 2019 raised over a million dollars for the Steve Waugh Foundation all of which goes directly to the children affected.


Photo/s by Philip Thurston, Untitled Film Works, courtesy Steve Waugh Foundation.

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