Tecna UK’s 2019 Trade Show Round Up

Over the last few months, the Tecna UK team attended four different exhibitions, in order to showcase the T3 modular system. Event Production Show, Marketing Week Live, Sign and Digital UK and Retail Design Expo were great fun and it was great to see so many new and familiar faces, across all of the events.

Speaking to Tecna UK’s Graphic Designer, Tom Reddy, he explains the creative process when designing each of the stands and getting them to the show.

Engaging Elements at Event Production Show 2019

Event Production Show 2019 at the end of February, was our first show of the year and we wanted to present a real insight into the capabilities of T3, to key event industry players.

Tom tells us that the main objective for this show was designing the stand; to maximise the effectiveness of the display within a long, but shallow area. He explains,

“We needed to achieve all of our objectives, whilst also keeping our display neat and tidy. Our finished design incorporated specific zones that enabled us to showcase key features, whilst also encouraging visitors to get interactive on our stand and with our product.”

One of these excellent interactive integrations, was our substrate pods. A perfect way to incorporate interactivity onto our stand, whilst also allowing visitors to learn more about Tecna UK’s top three most used substrates on the T3 system.

Another engaging element, was Tecna UK’s Discovery Station; a fun zone on our display, filled with T3 beams and components. An engaging, hands-on experience that allowed visitors to see, touch and play with the range of T3 kit.

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Marketing Week Live Sees the Beginning of the T3 Cube Competition

Onto Tecna UK’s second show of the year. For all the marketing professionals, the Tecna UK team rocked up to Marketing Week Live 2019 at Olympia, London, to showcase how visitors could use T3 to enhance their marketing efforts, across a variety of mediums.

Tom describes how exciting it was to design this stand, to incorporate a piece of customer engagement,

“The Tecna UK team combined their ideas together, for an exciting game that visitors could get involved with on our stand. This is where the idea for the T3 Cube Competition came about.”

Marketing Week Live officially saw the launch of our T3 Cube Competition. It was such great fun to see visitors getting involved, aiming to reach the top spot on the leader board, to hopefully be in with a chance to win an Amazon Echo Plus.

Our wooden finish countertops proved really popular at Event Production Show 2019, so at Marketing Week Live 2019 we switched it up by incorporating interesting angles, to create a more dramatic structural aesthetic within our design.

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Sign and Digital UK 2019’s Exciting Interactions in Integrated Meeting Area

Sign and Digital UK 2019, the UK’s leading visual communications event, ran over a few days in April, where the Tecna UK team were eager to show attendees how T3 can benefit the sign and print industries.

At this expo, we tend to meet and catch up with many existing clients, so having a designated meeting space for relaxed discussions was important to discuss any upcoming T3 ideas.

Tom explains,

“We wanted to include a meeting space into the display for this show; one that was semi-private, but not cordoned off from the whole display. We achieving this by adding a canopy ceiling over the meeting area, as well as integrating a red acrylic panel, with wires, to give a floating illusion, but also allowed visitors to see through to the meeting area, opening up the display.”

And we think it was a great element to grab visitor’s attention!

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Tecna UK’s Last One For The Year – Retail Design Expo 2019

Tecna UK’s last show of the year and a busy one! Retail Design Expo 2019 is Europe’s leading event for retail, signage and hospitality.

For this show, the Tecna UK team were put to the test, to design a stand in a much smaller area, Tom tells us,

“The main challenge for this show, was the limited space. We really wanted to maximise visibility and highlight what can be achieved with T3. And we had to think really carefully about how we designed the stand, that did all of this, but within a smaller area.”

With that in mind, the design incorporated exposed T3 framework, to highlight the simplicity of the T3 system, whilst also striking an interest with visitors.

The integrated shelving in one of our counters, was one of our favourite elements to this stand. We loved the the wooden, stylish finish the counters achieved, but the best part was that they were also functional, allowing us to store business cards and brochures.

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Overall, we had such a great time exhibiting and interacting with everyone that came to visit us. Now onto planning our shows for next year! We hope our displays provided you with inspiration for your design ideas, we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

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