Tecna UK Help Local Community with Impressive T3 Counters

In April, Tecna UK joined forces with local community group Stone Quarry Crew, to create an impressive set of counters for a café in East Grinstead. After only launching a few years ago, Tecna UK were keen to help with a project that aims to support the local community.

Who is Stone Quarry Crew?

Launched in 2016, the Stone Quarry Crew began as a resident community group for people of the Stone Quarry Crew estate. Its aim is to bring residents together as a result of reducing antisocial behaviour and building stronger connections throughout the community.

What is Quarry Crew Café?

The Quarry Café opened only 18 months after the community group was initially established. Although a popular place for locals, the café set in a community room, gained popularity to the wider public beyond the local residents.

Sarah Howland, Chairman of the Stone Quarry Crew tells us,

“Before we contacted Tecna UK, we were using a stack of tables to create a raised desk for our till. We then realised, we needed more space to display our cakes and snacks.”
In need of a pop-up, Sarah searched online for an answer, I was searching the internet to try to and find a pop-up unit that we could use as a counter for the café. I found many small pop-up units but none of them could cope with the weight of our till and cakes.”

After researching for some time, Sarah was at a loose end. Until she found a solution, a modular one,

“I was almost at the point of giving up, but then Tecna UK appeared in the search results. The T3 modular system immediately caught my attention and looked like it could be the answer to my problem.”

How Tecna UK Helped

After a quick email to our team, we got right onto designing the T3 counters. The simple to build, no tools, aluminium system, meant that T3 was the perfect solution for the café. Allowing the group to dismantle and pack away the counters at the end of the day, whilst also being sturdy enough to hold the weight of the till.

Not only are the T3 counters space efficient and successful in achieving both functional and practical requirements, the graphics clad on the counter sides, enable the community group to increase brand visibility in the café.

T3 Counters a Success

With our help, the Quarry Café has been able to expand their services to a larger community with the reconfigurability abilities of the T3 system.

Sarah praises the Tecna UK team on the whole process,

“Tecna UK were an absolute delight to work with throughout this project. In particular, it was great to see how the team took my design idea and developed it into a brilliant and workable end product. I would thoroughly recommend Tecna UK as a company that will go above and beyond to provide a quality product.”

We are so happy to have helped and we can’t wait to see how the T3 counters will benefit the Quarry Café further.

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