SportsPro Live Event at O2, in London,

with Tecna UK and T3

It was at the back end of April that Tecna UK got given the exciting opportunity to work with SportsPro Media. The project? To create a set of T3 features for one of their events, SportsPro Live, at the O2 in London.

Who is SportsPro Media?

SportsPro Media launched in 2008 focussing on the sports industry within print, digital and event sectors. Since 2014, SportsPro Media has been involved with a range of events to combine networking and exciting content; focussing on the hottest topics in the industry right now.

The Project with Tecna UK

Just recently, Tecna UK worked with SportsPro Media to create a set of displays for their event in O2’s Cineworld in London. This event was the first of two with SportsPro Media, and each event incorporating a range of T3.

Senior Project Manager, Stuart Fawcett, was one member of the Tecna UK team involved with this big project. He explains that Tecna UK supplied the framework and components for the event, but sourced the print from one of our trade partners.

Positioning T3 around the O2

Although the features around the O2 were small in comparison to the space, Stuart explains,

“we designed the individual items to be placed around different areas of O2’s Cineworld. It was exciting to see how well the T3 features complemented the event. Additionally, we also added strategic lighting to some of the builds to really make them stand out.”

“We worked directly with Yin Khoo (SportsPro Media’s Creative Events Producer) to identify exactly where we were going to position the different T3 features. As part of the project, we undertook a site visit to measure out the available space we had to work with, whereby using our system we could measure the features and create them to an exact size for maximal floorspace.”

Features to Fulfil a Purpose

One of the features that stood out to Stuart was a U-shaped design that served as a functional display and a foyer area. The display was perfect to corner off the area to give visitors privacy if they wanted to network or just relax in between talks. Furthermore, the other main feature of interest, albeit very simple, were the 15 personalised 3m x 2m and 3m x 3m stand spaces for the clients exhibiting at the event.

The graphics and lighting used really brought the display to life and fulfilled its purpose. Moreover, the graphics illustrated exactly what the event was about.

Some of the other features included registration desks, lightboxes, wayfinding, entrance features, a photo backwall, and a range of smaller stands.

This was the first SportsPro Media event with Tecna UK, but we still have more events to come this year. We’re excited to work on the next event at Tottenham Hotspurs’ new football stadium (SportsPro Fan Conference). And can’t wait to strengthen our partnership with SportsPro Media for large events in the future!

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