Simeon Trains for Captain’s Ride 2019 – An Update!

For a second year in a row, Tecna UK’s Managing Director, Simeon Wicks, is planning on cycling over 1000 km in the scorching Northern Australian heat for an incredible cause. The ride aims to raise money for the Steve Waugh Foundation. And although Simeon took part last year, he intends for his training to be more intense this time round, with it already taking its toll!

The Captain’s Ride is an annual event to raise money for The Steve Waugh Foundation. A charity founded by Australian Cricketer, Steve Waugh. The event sees international attendees cycling across Queensland, Australia, for 6 days in the scorching heat at the start of November. All to raise money to improve the quality of life for those living with rare diseases.

Sunny Break Takes a Turn

When we last caught up with Simeon, he was occasionally taking small bike rides to work and had completed the Velo ride in Birmingham, but a lot has changed, and the training has upped a notch.

After a quick chat, Simeon tells us he’s taken part in a few intense bike rides, some in the UK and some abroad.

Here in the office, we thought Simeon was taking a few days off to enjoy the sunshine in Majorca. We thought wrong! It’s not to say that he didn’t do that, but he was also challenging himself with a few bike rides, or as Simeon described “over 60 miles of hell”.

After these rides, it came to Simeon’s realisation that he needed to step-up his training with only a few months left to go.

A Few Bumps Along the Way

It wasn’t just Majorca that saw Simeon hit the bike, as we find out he took part in this year’s Prudential RideLondon 2019 on 4th August. The journey sees eager cyclists take on a 100-mile course around London. It makes us hurt just thinking about it!

Although Simeon has taken part before, he explains how this journey saw a few ups and downs (quite literally!):

“It was going well until someone jumped out in front of me, sending me flying. And now I’m left with a Kardashian right cheek!”

He continues,

“I was cycling with two other guys, who clearly had been doing more training than myself. So, they motivated me along the way. I managed to finish the ride in 5 hours and 5 minutes.”

Support Simeon

There are only a few months left until Simeon takes on the Captain’s Ride 2019 in Australia. Thank you to all those who have already kindly donated to support those living with rare diseases. And for those who haven’t, there is still time to raise money and support Simeon.

For more information, please see Simeon’s Crowdfunding page.

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