Simeon Takes on Captain’s Ride 2019


Tecna UK’s Managing Director, Simeon Wicks, is en route to taking the Captain’s Ride for a second year in a row. Over 6 days in the heat of Northern Australia, Simeon is planning on cycling over 500 miles to raise money for the Steve Waugh Foundation. This year though, his training plan is more structured and intense in the lead up to the event.

What is the Captain’s Ride?

The Captain’s Ride is an annual event to raise money for The Steve Waugh Foundation. A charity founded by Australian Cricketer, Steve Waugh. The event sees international attendees cycling across Queensland, Australia, for 6 days in the scorching heat at the start of November. All to raise money, to improve the quality of life for those living with rare diseases.

The Training Begins

The Captain’s Ride for Simeon is a“test of strength and character that pushes you to the limit, emotionally and physically.” Simeon tells us why he has chosen to take part for a second year running, “I wanted to take part again because not only is it for a great charity, but it is such a great experience.”

Although the ride isn’t for months, Simeon tells us he has already started training,

Last year, I didn’t comprehend how hard it was going to be. This year, my intention is to train better for it, I’m going to create time to train, and put it as a priority.”

Simeon has recently completed the Velo ride in Birmingham and is soon to be taking part in the Prudential RideLondon. Alongside this, Simeon is racking up his training miles with bike rides to work and longer journeys in his spare time.

He continues to tell us why taking part in the Ride is so beneficial,

“For me, the best part of doing the Captain’s Ride and raising money for the charity, is to see the huge difference it makes to families. Seeing the help that we provided last year; it’s great to know we are raising money for a charity where the money gets used in the best way and for a good cause.”

If you would like to donate to Simeon and help raise money to support those living with rare diseases, check out Simeon’s crowdfunding page. Thank you!

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