Tecna UK’s Internal Discovery Day

Over the last few months, the Tecna UK team has been rapidly expanding. And at the start of June, newcomers from across all departments, came together in Tecna UK’s first ever Internal Discovery Day.

Adapting the Discovery Day to Fulfil Individual Goals

With a collection of T3 knowledge from each team member, the aim of the Discovery Day varied per person, which was a great opportunity to tailor the day to fulfil different objectives.
Nick Frith, Business Development Manager, works with the product directly with clients, so as well as ensuring he had a deep understanding of T3, he also wanted the day to serve as an eye-opener to what Tecna UK offer to their clients,

“My main objective for the day was to learn the process of a Discovery Day, to learn how it is run. What the benefits are for our clients, what they can learn from it, so that when we have meetings with them, I know exactly what we can offer them as a service.”

On the other hand, for Design Consultants, Hattie Hopewell, and Gen Donovan, the day was about gaining confidence with the product. Hattie says,

“Listening to the information being taught reassured me about how much I did know, even though I’ve only been here for a few months.”

Gen tells us,

“It was a chance for us to reaffirm our knowledge about the product and boost our confidence.”

The day included in-depth learning about T3 as well as a tour around Tecna UK’s facility.

Tecna UK’s Tour Brings Benefits

The aim of the day was to replicate a similar interactive, yet relaxed environment, to the Discovery Days offered to our clients. This incorporated a tour of the facility, which proved very beneficial to Office Manager, Catriona Russell,

“It gave me the chance to see what a shell scheme display looked like. Before the Discovery Day, I didn’t really know in detail what it was. But seeing it in person, helped me to understand better what we had learned.”

The tour was also a great opportunity for Project Manager, Stuart Fawcett, to introduce the team to everyone as if they were clients. Stuart helps to run client Discovery Days and explained,

“Introducing people to the team ensures there are more touchpoints to the company. It is a chance for us to build relationships by allowing the clients to put a face to the name.”

Understanding the Discovery Day Benefits

The team experiencing their very own Discovery Day, highlighted the real benefits of Tecna UK conducting them for our clients in the first place.
Catriona states,

“Our clients assume they know everything about T3, but they’re not always pushing it to its capacity. A Discovery Day is the best way to inform people about T3 as much as possible, so they realise its full potential.”

Another of our new Project Managers, Jim Inston, tells us,

“The Discovery Days are so beneficial for client relationships – it gives us the chance to meet the clients face-to-face rather than over email or phone. Get them to our HQ in Farnborough, to really strengthen the relationship and give a great first impression.”

Nick says,

“Once clients agree to a Discovery Day, they have an interest and commitment to T3. They can be at any level of knowledge of the system, a Discovery Day is tailored accordingly to teach the basics all the way through to what can be achieved with T3. It’s a great chance for clients to be a part of the Tecna UK family.”

Team Get Competitive in T3 Quiz

The quiz was one of the main highlights of the day for everyone. A light-hearted set of questions to really test what has been learnt throughout the day. With a competitive team, everyone was eager to get high marks.
One of the long-standing team members, Business Development Manager, Mike Arnot (AKA Six), decided to take part in the Discovery Day, with the aim to ace the quiz at the end. To his disappointment, he lost a few marks, even after bragging how he was going to get 100%. For everyone else, it was hilarious, Nick explains,

“One of the highlights of the day was beating Six in the quiz at the end of the day…”

Better luck next time Six!

A Successful Learning Experience

Overall, the Internal Discovery Day was a successful experience for the whole team of newcomers, Marketing Executive, Lucinda Redman, says,

“I felt so accomplished by the end of the day, the certificate was a real bonus. It was a great learning experience within a relaxed, but educational environment. The day was tailored towards exactly what worked well for all of us, and I learnt a lot.”

After the Discovery Day, Nick understood the importance of Tecna UK’s day, both for the team and for clients,

“It was a great experience and I really understood how beneficial these are for our clients, in learning about the product and the services available from Tecna UK. It’s a perfect opportunity to build relationships in a relaxed but informative environment.”

We are glad to see yet another successful Discovery Day in Tecna UK’s HQ in Farnborough.

Want the chance to learn more about T3 and the services we offer? Contact the team to book your very own Discovery Day!

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