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N3 Display Graphics Ltd, an esteemed Tecna UK client and leading, digital large-format printing company, has been supplying its impressive client base with printing solutions for nearly two decades. Here’s the story of how N3 clued in one of its own clients, SouthCo, on the benefits of Tecna UK’s T3 modular display system.

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N3 Southco display
N3 Southco display
N3 Southco display

Early Days

N3 and SouthCo first joined forces twelve years ago for an office branding project and they have been working together ever since, with N3 being SouthCo’s preferred supplier of display graphics. In the years that followed their first project together, SouthCo continued to find success and the company started to exhibit at trade shows throughout Europe, enlisting N3 to help out with the graphics.

For a long time, N3’s client had been using a modular display system comprised of acrylic panels to create their exhibition displays, but they soon realised that they needed to “up their game”; that’s when N3 proposed that they start using T3 instead.

Getting Started with T3

Having floated the idea of using T3 to SouthCo, N3 realised they were themselves not fully confident in their total understanding of the capability of the T3 system. So, we helped them with this! Accompanied by a member of the Tecna UK sales team, we supported N3 in a show and tell presentation to SouthCo so that the huge benefits of using T3 at scale could be properly understood. Impressed with the system’s reconfigurability, reusability and ease of build, SouthCo was immediately hooked.

Soon thereafter, SouthCo invested in its first, large T3 exhibition stand, and what an investment that turned out to be. They went on to reuse the same display on four separate occasions, all of which were at different locations. N3 was also able to instruct their client on how to build their T3 stands by themselves so that they wouldn’t need to hire an installation team to do it for them.

Growing with the Client

As time has gone by, SouthCo has continued to grow as a company and with that so has its requirements. In 2018 alone, SouthCo has plans to attend eight trade shows both in the UK and across the rest of Europe. Recognising the extra work that an increasing number of shows will bring, SouthCo has turned to N3 for help with its installations. From now on, after building their next two stands at ExCel in London and Hamburg, the SouthCo team will hand the reins over to N3 for the installations.

Educating Clients

Thanks to some guidance and training from the Tecna UK team, N3 has found that they can now advise their clients on how to reuse and reconfigure their T3 systems, so that they can create lots of different displays from the same components time and time again. One of N3’s clients, for instance, built a ten-metre wall for an event only to find that they didn’t know what to do with the disassembled T3 kit afterwards. When they asked N3 what could be done with the remaining components, N3 simply replied, “anything”, and reminded the client that the more they reused the T3 system, the bigger their return on investment would be – undeniably a fantastic proposition for any customer.

With a much deeper understanding of the T3 system and its capabilities, the relationship between N3 and their clients has gone from strength to strength. Not only can their clients turn to N3 for their large-format digital printing services, but they can also turn to them for a completely reconfigurable modular display solution that really works.

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