Moving Team

Tecna UK’s Mike Arnot is moving from the Design Consultant team and into Sales

Mike Arnot Tecna UK
Mike Arnot Tecna UK

We’ve been shaking things up here at Tecna UK, and, in an interesting turn of events, one of our Design Consultants has moved teams. Mike Arnot –  A.K.A Six – has now switched over to our sales team after having spent his first six months working within project management. The decision to move Mike over to a different team was instigated by Project Director, James Longley, who recognised that Mike’s abilities would be very well suited to a sales position.

After observing how Mike communicated with clients, James immediately noticed his proficiency in communicating with them and dealing with their enquiries:

“Whilst Mike was an excellent design consultant, I was really impressed with his confidence and the ease with which he liaised with clients.”

“It was only logical…to move him into the sales team”.

“I was really impressed with his confidence and the ease with which he liaised with clients.”

Mike was equally enthused about the move, in part because he has always enjoyed the customer relations side of things: “I genuinely love talking to clients. It’s great!” There’s also the added incentives of increased earning potential and opportunities for progression, both of which, naturally, made the position even more inviting.

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