Modular Exhibition Stands

We create a wide range of bespoke modular exhibition stand solutions, completely unique to meet your specific requirements.

We create a wide range of bespoke modular exhibition stand solutions, completely unique to meet your specific requirements.

Modular Exhibition Stands

We create a wide range of bespoke modular exhibition stand solutions, completely unique to meet your specific requirements.

We create a wide range of bespoke modular exhibition stand solutions, completely unique to meet your specific requirements.

What is a modular exhibition stand?

Modular exhibition stands are made up of multiple different components that can be reconfigured to create a wide range of unique structures. On top of this structure or framework, printed graphics can then be applied to complete the overall look.

Historically, modular exhibition stands have always limited in terms of what you could do with design. But over the years, digital printing has developed, and numerous modular exhibition systems have entered the market. We are now seeing more modular displays challenging design capabilities, blurring the lines between custom and modular.

With their versatility, modular exhibition stands can be downsized or upscaled depending on the floorspace and details of your brief. They are a great option for exhibitors who attend multiple trade shows over the year and want a more sustainable alternative.

What are the benefits of a modular exhibition stand?


The cost of a modular exhibition stand may seem premium at first, but over time, your modular display can be reconfigured for different shows, saving you budget in the long run! Custom displays on the other hand are single use and will be disposable at the end of your show.

Speed and Ease of Build

Unlike custom builds, most modular exhibition systems can be built in shorter period of time. T3 is incredibly quick and easy to build. With components that simply ‘twist and lock’ together, your modular exhibition stands can be built in minutes, not hours. And the best part? You don’t need a skilled team of technicians to build it! T3 is a self-build system, making it easy for anyone to pick up some components and start building.

Low Transport Costs

Custom displays often have materials that are difficult or costly to transport. Some modular exhibition stands can still be cumbersome but modular exhibition stands like T3 have been designed with compact framework and easy-to-transport graphics, meaning some displays can even be transported in the back of a car!

Design Flexibility

Whilst custom builds are great to create the exact look and feel you require. Some modular exhibition stands, like T3, still have the design flexibility to create a custom-look stand but without the hefty price tag. And with their flexible nature, T3 modular exhibition stands can be reconfigured to match real time changes on the exhibition floor on the day of your show.


Custom exhibition stands are traditionally built using wood and other unsustainable materials. With their complete bespoke manufacturing, they can only be used for one-off events or shows and are often binned at the end. Some modular exhibition stands on the other hand, use materials and components, such as lightweight aluminium, that can be reused and reconfigured with ease, making them a more sustainable solution over time.

Why Choose Tecna UK For Your Modular Exhibition Stands

Whatever your requirement, we have a modular solution that will cover it.

  • 24-hour turnaround for full quotation and visual of your modular exhibition stand
  • Custom integrations
  • Bespoke modular exhibition designs, tailored to your exact requirements
  • Exclusive services to ensure your modular exhibition stand experience with Tecna UK is stress-free
  • Full turnkey support from our experts
  • 14 years of modular exhibition design and build experience
  • Rental and hire options available
  • Seamless graphics and AV screen integration
  • Furniture hire options

Reconfigure, Reuse and Reimagine Your T3 Modular Display

The great thing about modular exhibition stands is how easy it is to reconfigure and reuse your displays. After you have used your T3 display stand once, you can adapt your framework into an entirely new design, ready for your next event.

We call it Reconfigure, Reuse, Reimagine. And our T3 experts are here to support you in designing a series of different configurations for your upcoming events.

Modular Exhibition Stands

The Modular Exhibition Stand Experts

With over 14 years’ experience providing impressive display stands, we have the knowledge and expertise to supply a variety of modular exhibition solutions that will deliver standout results for our partners. We will work closely with you to ensure we can design an impressive exhibition stand solution that is easy and quick to build, cost-effective, and will continue to grow with your requirements over time.

All our modular exhibition stands are designed completely bespoke using only the most high-quality materials by our team of experts. Alongside this, we can also support you with design advice and artwork design, build plans, prebuilds, delivery and installation, product training, and many more services that will ensure your modular exhibition experience is as seamless as possible.

Don’t be afraid to challenge the team with your design ideas. Get in touch with us today for your quote!

T3 Modular Exhibition Stand System

Our display stands are all designed using T3, the world’s most versatile modular display system. Consisting of lightweight beams and connectors, the build of your exhibition stand is simply just a ‘twist and lock’ action.

The great thing about T3 is that the system allows you to incorporate a range of custom and bespoke features to achieve the look you desire. You have the option to choose from a range of substrates including fabric, semi-rigid, and rigid graphics to achieve your preferred brand presence at any exhibition show.

T3 has been expertly designed with exhibitors in mind, making it ideal for large and small modular exhibition stands. Giving you the flexibility to change your design, graphics and integrations in an instant with the help of our team.

Modular Exhibition Stand Design & Build

Modular Exhibition Stand Design

We are always striving to create standout modular exhibition display solutions that you are proud to exhibit with. And with the help of Tecna UK, we have a range of design services to ensure your modular exhibition stand meets all your objectives.

No design is off limits, with the T3 system we will create you a fully bespoke exhibition stand design that works around you and your brand. Our inhouse design team will transform any brief into a 3D visual alongside a full quotation in just 24 hours.

Contact us today for your quote

Have You Considered Rental For Your Modular Exhibition Stands?

If you are looking for a cost-saving alternative to purchasing, our rental service is great if you are looking to hire a modular exhibition display for a one-off event.

Our 20,000sqft warehouse is packed with our extensive product range of unique components, readily available for you to create impressive modular exhibition stands.

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What is a modular exhibition stand?

A modular exhibition stand is a display that is configured with many different components that join together seamlessly.

What are the benefits of a modular exhibition stand?

There are many benefits to modular exhibition stands:

  1. Quick and easy to build – the majority of modular exhibition stands are relatively simple to build, saving you time and labour costs.
  2. Reusable – modular exhibition stands can be reused and reconfigured for long-term use.
  3. Ease of transport – a lot of modular exhibition stands can be broken down into smaller components making them portable and easy to transport to different sites.
  4. Custom look and feel – with the endless design opportunities now available for modular systems, a lot of modular displays can be created to look like a custom exhibition stand, without the cost!
  5. Adaptable – modular displays give you the option to adapt and scale your display to fit a range of different requirements.
What are the benefits of a T3 modular exhibition stand?

There are many benefits of a T3 modular exhibition stand over other, traditional modular systems.

  1. No tools are required. With T3 you simply just twist and lock the components together.
  2. Reduced transport costs. T3 can be packed down small enough for some modular exhibition stands to be transported in the back of your car.
  3. Reduced labour costs. T3 is a self-build system that can be built by anyone!
  4. Custom look and feel to your display. While some modular display systems are limited with their design, T3 offers complete customisation, so you can achieve the look and feel of a traditional custom-built display but with modular components.
  5. Reusable. Reconfigure your modular exhibition stand to accommodate different floorspaces.
  6. Manufactured in the UK. There are no hidden costs and we can often offer same-day lead times.
  7. Achieve seamless graphics. With T3 you can apply graphics seamlessly to the framework without the risk of the framework intruding.

Find out more T3 benefits here

Can I reuse my modular exhibition stands?

Yes, you can reuse your modular exhibition stands. The great thing about the T3 modular display system is that you can reconfigure your designs to create a completely refreshed exhibition display.

How much does a modular exhibition stand cost?

The cost of your modular exhibition display will vary per project. The T3 modular display system offers multiple uses and the ability to integrate additional accessories and custom components. As a reusable system, you can reconfigure your display multiple times, saving you money in the long run.

“T3 is a great alternative to wood for exhibiting. At the end of an exhibition, we don’t need to bin our modular stand. It is reusable and reconfigurable enabling us to utilise the same frame components for multiple clients. Thus, both Cipher and our clients benefit from ongoing cost savings.”

Jon Sherwood, Cipher Graphics

“The toolless T3 modular system from Tecna UK was so much easier to work with than the bulkier solutions we were offering before.”

Dan Harman, Advance Digital Graphics

“With T3’s reconfigurability, we can work with a budget and have more of a control on our spending. The whole exhibition stand system has completely exceeded our expectations.”

Richard Harvey, Bondeye

“We were looking for a modular display stand that can be built for us at larger shows but broken down and built ourselves for smaller shows. T3 and Tecna UK have been so easy we haven’t looked back and now intend to order another set for our UAE events”

Danny Brooks, MBE

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