Meet the Team: In Conversation with Tecna UK’s Installer, Mitch Mitchison


At Tecna UK we want to ensure our clients are getting the best support services from design all the way to installation. You name it, we can do it. Sometimes it is the final touches that make the display impressive, and that is where our team come in. And amongst them, is Installer, Michael Mitchison (AKA Mitch).

We caught up with Mitch to find out how he supports clients in achieving standout displays.

A Strong Knowledge of Installation

Mitch has been in the 
Tecna UK family for nearly 3 years now, working in the warehouse and on-site for installations for clients. Working with everything from liaising with Project Managers and fitting pre-builds, to delivering displays to site and installing. Mitch has got it all covered.

Perfecting Client Displays

Working as part of the Install team requires working in a fast-paced and busy environment. And for Mitch, he particularly enjoys delivering and installing client’s displays to site, 

“It’s a change of scene from the warehouse. Normally we’ll be working on a lot of different stands, so it’s great to focus on just one install and make sure it is perfect before it is ready for the client.” 

Although Mitch has been hands-on with the T3 system significantly over the years, he still appreciates the simplicity of the T3 modular system, 

“The system is so easy to work with too. The simple ‘twist and lock’ of the framework makes it so easy to reconfigure.”    

Understanding Different Requirements

As part of the install team, Mitch has worked with a range of clients and different display designs over the years,

“I’ve had experience with a range of different jobs and installs with Tecna UK. In the Install team, we tend to mix it up and get everyone involved with different clients.”

Mitch works with all clients but tends to steer towards customers that he’s worked with before with an understanding of their requirements,

“I’ve worked with clients like Cap HPI, Audatex, Bondeye and more. The displays sometimes change, the stands often have very similar ideas, but clients like to take advantage of T3’s ability to reconfigure.”

A Simple Build With Challenging Objectives

Recently the Install team got their hands on a display for Red Box Vape. It was a really ambitious display, with structural integrity and height, a project Mitch was eager to get involved with

“It was a large phone box, 6m tall. We had already installed this display before, but this time we chose to use a different method to build it. 

He tells us why they decided to take a different route to build the stand, 

“This time we decided to use a scaffold tower. Previously we used a ladder, which didn’t go past 4.5 metres, which proved very difficult for a 6-metre stand! But using a scaffold tower meant the build was a lot simpler.” 

Mitch continues, 

“It was a great learning curve to see the possibilities of what we can build when we use a scaffold tower. The display itself was a simple build, but the height challenged us to find the best way to install it safely.” 

Although it was a display that the Install team had configured before, Mitch always comes prepared, 

“We knew all the framework and components were there ready as we had built it previouslyHowever, sometimes small components go missing in transition, so I took my spares with a range of the T3 kit just in case there were any problems.”

Problem Solving with T3

Talking to Mitch, it soon comes to our realisation that he enjoys working on projects that challenge him and the team,

“We were in Barcelona when a client needed an 11m long gantry. We were constructing the pre-build and noticed quickly the framework was bowing from the weight of the gantry.”

When the problem was spotted, Mitch had the solution, “Because it was drooping, we decided to bring forward one of the pillars and then add braces to stabilise the framework.” Problem solved.


Don’t forget Tecna UK provide an installation service. We can pre-build your display before it gets to you. This can ensure everything is in great condition and ready to go. So, what are you waiting for? Challenge our team.



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