Meet the Team: In Conversation with Tecna UK’s Project Manager, Stuart Fawcett


One of the key benefits of the T3 modular system is the ability to reuse, reconfigure and reimagine your design into a completely new display, often without the need for extra kit! And, it is down to our determined Project Managers to help you achieve this result, one of them being Stuart Fawcett, a long-standing member of the Tecna UK team.

The Go-To Team Member

As a Senior Project Manager, Stuart has been delivering ambitious projects for our partners, for around 5 years. Prior to working for Tecna UK, Stuart worked for two different signage companies, he tells us, “With this knowledge of the signage industry, I know quite a bit about the substrates we apply to our framework. This makes it easier to decide what works best for each display.” 

Due to his established position within the company, Stuart explains, 

“I have a knack of remembering multiple jobs from years ago, and thus, makes me the go-to person if anyone is trying to think of an example of a stand we may have previously constructed, which may have certain features or designs they are looking to achieve.”

Building Strong Relationships with Longstanding Clients

Stuart knows the ins-and-outs of the product, so understands exactly how to use T3 to its full capabilities, “I like to work on things we’ve never done before, and really experiment with what can be achieved with T3 to help clients achieve impressive results. I remember developing the first design using angled walls and angled light boxes.”

Over the years Stuart has worked with a range of clients, some of whom, have worked with him since he first started. He explains,

“I’ve built strong relationships with clients I’ve been working with for years. I take the time to understand their display requirements and the finished result they want to achieve. And, with knowledge of the kit and graphics they have, the process is smooth and efficient as I ensure the finished design is precisely what they need.”

Reconfiguring Client’s T3 Displays with Existing Kit

Reconfiguration is just one of the impressive qualities of the T3 system. And for Stuart, this benefit comes into play when working with some of his own clients,

“One of my clients want a new design for each of their shows, but keep the elements of their displays the same. The great thing about T3 is that it’s reconfigurable. I really enjoy the challenge of reusing existing kit, to completely redesign a display that is both different and unique.”

Just recently, Stuart designed their display to go into an international show, “I recently configured a new stand for them to go into a show in Milan. Their displays usually integrate a wide range of features such as TVs, lightboxes, counters, walls, and shelving units. So, I worked with an understanding of their current stock, and designed their display to fit into their allocated space, that also met all their design requirements.”

Stuart works with a few clients to reconfigure displays,

“Some clients like to change up their displays all the time, I’ve built a strong relationship with all of them so that I learn exactly what they need. This means when I design their displays, I know what will work best for them. The more information we have about a job for a client, the easier the process is in delivering a product that achieves their requests.”

Enhancing the Versatility of the T3 System at Tecna UK’s Exhibitions

Although Stuart has liaised with clients to achieve impressive displays, he has also worked on designing Tecna UK’s stands at trade shows this year.

Stuart designed the display for Tecna UK’s first show of the year, Event Production Show 2019. The design integrated a range of interactive components to allow people to get hands-on with the display, and to understand the simplicity of the T3 system,

“it was the first time we incorporated a Discovery Station into one of our displays, a trough filled with T3 components and beams, allowing visitors to play with the product and see how easy it is to use.”

For our display at Marketing Week Live 2019, Stuart demonstrated the versatility of the T3 system by integrating bespoke components into the design. He tells us,

“for the Build a Cube Competition, we designed the display to incorporate a digital timer. With the T3 system, there are no limitations to what you can incorporate into the framework.”

Alongside these features, Stuart also designed the displays to integrate impressive, sleek, angled counters, with wooden counter tops, Discovery Portals and illuminated back walls.

A Leading Role in Tecna UK’s Discovery Days

In addition to exhibiting at trade shows over the year, Tecna UK also provide Discovery Days for our clients. It’s a great opportunity for our partners to experience a personalised, interactive day with T3, in our HQ in Farnborough. Stuart is one of the facilitators who lead the Discovery Days. He explains, “Discovery Days are very fluid in approach and that format really works! You never quite know the experience level of the clients’ team until you meet them.”

“We always try and cater to everyone on the day, depending on their knowledge and experience with T3. There is not a single person that hasn’t learnt something when they’ve attended. I always have amazing relationships with clients over the phone. So, it’s the perfect chance for us to put a face to the name and strengthen relationships further.”

Recently, the new members of the Tecna UK family took part in their own Internal Discovery Day. Stuart explains why the day was so beneficial for them,

“It is all very well us trying to promote the Discovery Days, but some of the team don’t fully understand the benefits and exactly why we conduct them for our clients. Now, after a few have attended one, they know exactly what goes on and how the day runs.”



Don’t forget Tecna UK provide an installation service. We can pre-build your display before it gets to you, to make sure everything is in great condition and ready to go. So, what are you waiting for? Challenge our team.



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