Meet the Team: In Conversation with Tecna UK’s

Project Manager, Hattie Hopewell


Here at Tecna UK, we want to make sure we are equipped with the skills and knowledge to take your displays to the next level. One of our Project Managers, Hattie Hopewell, joined the Tecna UK team with little design experience, but after a few months of dedication and training, she is now ensuring clients have the best display project journey with her support and guidance throughout.

Hattie Hopewell profile shot smiling

Getting to Grips with T3

Fresh out of university, Hattie started at Tecna UK around 9 months ago. With experience in event management and a degree from Newcastle University, Hattie had little in the way of design knowledge but was keen to learn in her new Design Consultant role!

“When I first started working at Tecna UK, I didn’t understand the assigned design tasks and I hadn’t used SketchUp before!”

“My main aim was to practice using the SketchUp design software, drawing different stands, using all the different components, and getting to grips with T3.”

With design at our core, we know how important it is for our team to know the ins and outs of T3 to be able to fulfil any clients’ design requirements. Whilst Hattie’s knowledge and skills came on in leaps and bounds over the following months, it was essential for her also to begin learning how to progress within the company.

“Part of being a Design Consultant meant that I had to learn the processes behind being a Project Manager, including overseeing projects and engaging with clients effectively.”

Taking a Step Up

Person sitting at desk working on Sketchup

After just 6 months Hattie was ready for the next big step within her role; to become a Project Manager. This meant she was taking on a lot more responsibility with projects and clients.

“The main difference in this role is that I am engaging with clients a lot more and managing entire projects from start to finish.”

At Tecna UK, we offer a range of services to encompass our full turnkey solution, from design all the way through to installation. Hattie explains how her involvement with projects changed within her new role, “when I was working as a Design Consultant, I was simply focusing on the designs on my computer before passing them over to the Project Managers. So, I never saw the displays past the initial sketches.

“Now, I’m involved with the entire process, including logistics, and liaising with the warehouse to ensure the display gets to site ready for the client!”

Building Trusting Relationships

Counter and wall display

Being new to the role, Hattie is still working hard to build her client base, whilst strengthening the relationships she has already forged in the short number of months she has been Project Manager, “As I’ve only just started my role as a Project Manager, I’m building up my experience on smaller projects. But I’m expecting some big, more complex designs to get stuck into with the arrival of tradeshow season!”

“I’m also working with some great partners, including Redblu Graphics and Bondeye. They’ve got some really exciting displays!”

Although Hattie is still developing her skills and knowledge, she’s not holding back! She’s already showing her creative ambition to build big and beautiful displays,

“I’ve been focusing on designing a large gantry for a conference set recently, this has really pushed me to be creative and integrate some interesting angles!”

“My next step is to continue to build trusted relationships with existing clients and to design and deliver some much bigger projects.”

Get to know Hattie in our Solved Series video!

Hattie is just one of the Project Managers here at Tecna UK, ready to bring your displays to life. Why don’t you send us a scribble and we’ll see what we can do for you?

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