Meet the Team: In Conversation with Tecna UK’s Project Manager, George Green

At Tecna UK, we’re all about innovation. As the home of T3, we will take any display idea and transform it into something ambitious and unforgettable: the only limit is your imagination. It is our team of talented creatives that make it happen for our partners, and among them is our in-house Project Manager, George Green.  

We caught up with George to find out exactly how he delivers displays that exceed his client’s expectations.  

A Strong Background in Design 

George joined the Tecna UK family just under a year ago. He has a very strong background in product design and although a recent addition to the team, George settled into his role as a Project Manager in no time at all.

And now, George has brought his expertise to Tecna UK to take on ambitious projects for our partners. Handling everything from the initial set brief, all the way through to the delivery process, George has it covered.  

Creating T3 Modular Displays that Look Custom 

Tecna UK’s T3 system may be simple to use, but that doesn’t mean the display designs have to be simple too. This is where George comes in: 

“I like the challenge of tackling the bigger projects. I like to push the boundaries of what we can achieve with T3. I especially enjoy incorporating custom elements into my T3 modular designs to create impressive custom-modular hybrids. Not many of our clients know we can do that.”

George works with partners from all industries, though he tells us he typically gravitates towards agencies due to his product design background.  

Achieving More with Angles  

Although these projects were ambitious, they proved a welcome challenge for George.He didn’t hesitate to design up some impressive solutions to ensure Hills Design were satisfied:

I collaborated with the warehouse team to get some custom counters made for Hills Design, which we then sprayed to give them a unique finish. We also integrated work surfaces and storage space into the display. We incorporated interesting angles to add structural drama. To finish the display off, we 3D mounted the logos to make their brand really stand out.”  

George’s hard work just goes to show that, with the creative input of our designers, the T3 system really does have endless possibilities:

We love finding new ways to get creative with T3. A real positive from this project was that we created a custom look with none of the hassle. Using fabric graphics and our compact framework, it was still a one man install. With a custom stand, this normally isn’t really achievable.”  

Applying T3 to New Environments

George thrives on being faced with complex jobs and reconfiguring T3 to fit different applications. On a different project with Heart Productions, George faced the challenge of creating an outdoor display. Why was it challenging? George explains:

“There are lots of factors that make outdoor displays tricky to manoeuvre. In the case of the Heart Productions display, the site was very difficult to work with because the ground was uneven. Plus, you’ve got the added concern of being exposed to the elements.”

George adds:

“With that in mind, you have to factor all of this into your design. You have to consider what graphic medium you’re going to use, factoring in the weather and other precautions.

“You also need to consider how it goes up and how it packs down. Inside, you can lay your equipment down before setting it up, but outside, you’re limited to space. You might not even have any lighting or power available. It makes complicated what would be quite a simple job if it were indoors.”

The good news is, the work paid off:

“Heart Productions has found a lot of success with using their T3 Display outside.”

George is just one member of our team of PMs here at Tecna UK. We’re ready to bring your ideas to life. Why not find out more about our 24-hour promise? Or, you could go ahead and send us a scribble.