Industry partners

At Tecna UK, we collaborate with and support a range of industry partners. To assist you with your understanding of Tecna UK and the T3 modular display system, we have provided a suite of marketing, technical and video resources.

Select the Industry Partner that most closely matches your line of business and access a variety of useful and relevant resources. If you cannot find what you’re looking for please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


Resources for Agencies

Access a library of tailored agency resources designed to help you maximise and strengthen the way you work with Tecna UK and the T3 modular display system. Unlock marketing assets, technical information sheets, how-to videos, and T3 animations.



Resources for Exhibition Contractors

Take full advantage of a whole host of useful resources designed specially to benefit exhibition contractors. In our resource library for exhibition contractors, you’ll find useful marketing assets, technical information, instructional videos, and T3 animations, all tailored to help you make the most of Tecna UK and T3.



Resources for Printers

From artwork guidelines, other marketing assets, technical information sheets to how-to videos and animations – we cover everything you need to make it easy to work with Tecna UK and the T3 modular display system.


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