Hanging Banners

Elegantly simple, lightweight and easy to build, the T3 modular display system is perfect for creating stunning hanging banners. Whether you require straight, curved, illuminated or a bespoke shape, T3 can be designed to your specific requirements.

Strong and completely re-configurable, the system enables interchangeable panels to be fitted quickly and easily with no required tools, offering unrivalled flexibility and speed of build.

Easy to transport and lightweight, you can use your hanging banners time and time again.

Stand out from the competition with a T3 hanging banner displayed above your exhibition stand.

T3 illuminated hanging banner

T3 Hanging Banners

Illuminated hanging banners attached to a gantry system on an exhibition stand.

Triangular hanging banner above an exhibition stand

T3 Hanging Banners

Triangular hanging banner set above an exhibition stand.

Large T3 square hanging banner

T3 Hanging Banners

Large square hanging banner situated high above an exhibition stand, ensuring maximum promotional branding.