Frequently asked questions

We’ve gathered here some of the questions we get asked regularly. If there is something you want to know and you can’t find the answer then please get in touch and we will be happy to provide the information you need.

Your questions, solved

In our video series, hear from the team about how we solve your challenges with the services from Tecna UK and the display solutions created using the T3 modular display system.



General questions

What is the T3 Modular Display System?

T3 is the world’s most versatile modular display system. It is unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable. With components that twist and lock together, T3 is also brilliantly simple to construct and requires no tools to build. Nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build. Use T3 for anything – event displays, conference sets, portable kitchens, bars and counters, exhibition stands, pop-up shops, photobooths and light boxes. Whatever the display, with T3, the possibilities are endless. For more information, visit our T3 Modular Display System page

Do we need skilled labour to build the T3 System?

You do not need skilled labour to build the T3 system. T3 is simply a self-build modular display system. No tools or skilled labour are required to build a T3 display. T3’s unique, ‘patented’ twist and lock action, makes T3 very easy to build and dismantle, by just one person.

Do we need tools to build the T3 System?

You do not need any tools to build the T3 System. All you need are the lightweight T3 aluminium beams, plastic T3 connectors and your choice of graphic substrate. The uniqueness of the ‘twist and lock’ feature means that you can build it anywhere, anytime, without any tools. To see how easy it is to build, click here. 

Is a T3 display time-consuming to build?

The T3 display is a quick and easy system to build. Because it’s a compact, lightweight, toolless system, it can be built in minutes, rather than hours* (and dismantled just as quick!)

*depending on the size of your display 

Can you create curves with T3?

Yes, you can create curved displays using the T3 classic beam. T3 has a selection of standard curved beams as well as the ability to create bespoke curves for clients. Tecna UK supplies curved T3 beams starting from 212mm internal diameter up to any size curve you like.

Can we only use our T3 display once?

As the T3 system is fully reconfigurable, you can use it as many times as you like. It is easy to build & rebuild, configure & reconfigure, imagine & reimagine. This means you can also build and add additional kit onto your existing stock, as your business requirements grow.

Can I purchase T3 parts online?

Yes, visit our Tecna Shop for T3 parts, accessories, flight cases and more.

Can you attach a screen to T3?

Screens can easily be integrated into a T3 display in a range of different methods. For more information about the different ways screens can be integrated please contact us.

What is the largest TV that a T3 display can hold?

There are no limitations on the TV size on a T3 display. For very large TVs, we will need to integrate extra components, such as internal bracing, into the framework to ensure the TV is secured safely.

Can you create illuminated displays using T3?

Yes, illuminated displays can be created using tension fabrics or any semi-transparent/transparent substrate on the T3 framework to create a light box.

Can you integrate shelving into T3?

Yes, shelving, hanging rails, slat walling, counters and cupboards can all be integrated into the T3 system allowing you to display your products in the best possible way.

Can you use T3 for more than exhibition stands?

Yes, T3 is a modular display system which can be used to create a wide variety of displays including, Exhibition stands, Conference sets, Retail displays, Light boxes, Bars and Counters, and much more…

Is the T3 system heavy and bulky?

The amount of stock needed for your display will determine how heavy the system will be. All beams are made from aluminium. Some smaller displays will fit in a carry bag for ease of transport, whereas larger displays can be transported in flight cases.

How easy is it to transport the T3 system?

The T3 system is lightweight and compact, it packs down small enough that certain displays can be transported in the back of your car. You can also buy standard or custom-built flight cases and carry bags for the T3 system, to make transporting your display, as easy as possible.

Does T3 cater for lockable doors?

Lockable doors can be integrated into the T3 system, either by using our T3 or bespoke tailor-made doors.

Is the T3 System Cost-Effective?

The T3 system is more expensive than a traditional pop-up display, but in the long term the T3 system is cost effective, for numerous reasons. A) There is no need for skilled labour; T3 is a self-build system that can be built quickly and easily. B) Custom look and feel; achieve the look and feel of a traditional, custom-built display, but without the hefty price tag. C) Because the T3 system is lightweight and compact, it packs down small enough that displays can be transported in the back of your car.


What is the maximum size you can print fabric graphics to? 

The maximum size we can print fabric graphics is H: 5m, and up to any width you would like.

What is the maximum size you can print semi-rigid graphics to?

The maximum size we can print semi-rigid graphics is H: 4m x W: 1m

What types of substrates can I have on my T3 Modular Display?

T3 can carry all types of substrates, including rigid and rollable panels and tension fabrics which join to create a seamless graphic display. You can choose any substrate you would like, including tension fabric graphics, rigid PVC, semi-rigid PVC or acrylic, the choice is yours.

Can we clad graphics onto our T3 counter?

You can clad your counters with a range of substrates; tension fabric, rigid and semi rigid are our usual go-to, but most substrates can be clad to the system. For more information, have a look at our T3 Modular Display System page

How do I choose the right substrate for my T3 display?

For you to choose the right substrate for your display, you need to have a think about what you want your display to look like and what the function is. There are different benefits to using each substrate, so it really depends on what you would like to get from your display. But don’t stress! If you need a little advice or guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Tecna UK team and we can help you choose the right substrates to fulfill your display requirements.

Are there any limitations to what you can do with substrates on the T3 system?

There are no limitations with what can be done with substrates on the T3 system. The only challenges you may face are the size of your substrate panels and ease of transportation. But with Tecna UK, we can provide specially designed graphic drums to transport your semi-rigid, rollable graphics.

How do you apply graphics to the T3 system?

We have several options on how to apply graphics to the T3 system, depending on what type of substrate you are using. If you are using tension fabric, you simply push the silicone edging into the comb. With semi-rigid PVC and foamex, our favourite option is to apply magnetic tape, but we can also apply Velcro for easy application.

Components (Beams, Curves, Lengths, Size etc.)

What are the standard T3 beam lengths?

We have a variety of standard T3 beam sizes, but we also supply custom lengths. All standard T3 beam types are colour coded accordingly, with coloured stickers. Our standard beam lengths start at 89.5mm and go up in 122.5mm increments.

Do Tecna UK supply curved T3 beams?

Tecna UK supplies curved T3 beams starting from 212mm internal diameter up to any size curve you like, created using our classic beam.

What is the largest standard uncut T3 beam length?

The largest uncut beam length we can provide is 3m long.

What type of beams do you use to create the T3 modular display system?

We have 3 types of beam: the Classic beam, the Channel beam and the Fusion beam. Read more about them here.

Services & Lead Times

How long does it take to receive a quote?

If you would like a quote, we can provide you with a quote and 3D render, within 24 hours of receiving your design brief. So, get in touch, or give us a call.

Do you provide an installation service?

Tecna UK do offer an installation service. Whilst the T3 Modular Display System is lightweight, tool-less and can be assembled very quickly and easily, you may want to take a load off and let Tecna UK do the installation and dismantle for you. Whether it’s your first display and you’re not too sure, or whether you’re just too busy, Tecna UK have you covered.

Can you deliver our T3 display to site?

Tecna UK can deliver to your site, your premises or you can pick up your display from our HQ in Farnborough, the choice is yours, we operate worldwide.

Do you offer prebuilds?

Yes, a prebuild service is available upon request and it is something we strongly advise. Pre-builds take place at our Farnborough HQ and are a great opportunity to see your T3 display before your event.

What are the lead times for a T3 display system?

We offer a 24-hour turnaround from receipt of a design brief to provide a 3D render and quotation.

Our standard lead time from receipt of the order is two weeks dependent on the requirements.

Can we rent the T3 display system?

If you’re planning to use your kit as a one-off, want to add to your existing T3 stock, or just want a cost-saving option, Tecna UK offer a rental service. You can hire your framework directly from our warehouse in Farnborough.

Bars & Counters

Can we create shaped counters with the T3 modular display system?

Yes, with the T3 modular display system, we can create any shape or size counter that you would like. Circular, square, rectangular, angled or just about anything else; the sky is the limit! And at Tecna UK, we also provide easy transportation for your counters, using top quality bespoke flight cases.

Can we integrate lighting to our T3 counter?

Tecna UK can provide you with a range of lighting to integrate onto your counter. Including under-lit counter tops, and light box counters.

Can we clad graphics to our T3 counter? 

You can clad your counters with a range of graphic substrates; tension fabric, rigid and semi rigid are our usual go-to, but most substrates can be clad to the system.

What weight can a T3 counter hold? 

A T3 counter can hold any weight. We can design internal bracing (or wooden panels) into the inside of the framework to provide extra strength and stability.

What are the benefits of using T3 counters?

T3 counters are great for a variety of different applications. You can use them to showcase products, hold food or even act as a registration desk – you name it, our T3 counters can do it. Click here for more examples.

What finishes can we have on a T3 counter?

There are several different finishes you can have on your T3 counter. We offer a range of counter tops, work surfaces and different colours that can be applied. Counters can be finished using finishes such as acrylic, wood, spray-coated and many more. We also over food-safe counter tops.


Can the T3 system be used as a pop-up display?

The T3 system can absolutely be used as a pop-up display. With it’s simple twist and lock technology, quick and easy assembly and disassembly and no skilled labour required, smaller displays can go together (and come back down!) in a matter of minutes. We also provide a rental service, so if you have a one-off project or you would like to save space in your warehouse, you can hire T3 from us.

Can we use the T3 system for retail display projects?

You can definitely us the T3 system for retail display project. Because of the adaptability of the T3 system, (being a beam and connector) it can adapt itself to a wide variety of applications, including retail. So, you can create anything from counters to integrated shelving, floating shelving and a whole host of other things for product display.

What components can be integrated into the T3 system retail display projects?

The T3 product has had some adaptations to allow it to attach retail display fixings, for example we have a slat walling profile, in which you can slide slat walling for hanging rails (we can create our own hanging rails!), curtain rails (which are great for changing rooms) if you’ve got a pop-up retail display and a whole host of other fixings!

Why is the T3 system beneficial for retail displays?

The T3 system is beneficial for retail displays because it’s lightweight, easily transportable in custom carry cases and bags (which we can provide, at an additional cost), no skilled labour required, no tools required to build, so it can be built and dismantled in a matter of minutes. Because T3 is just twist and lock, it can be easily reconfigured.


What shelving can Tecna UK integrate into the T3 system?

Tecna UK can integrate floating shelving, recessed shelving, adjustable, or custom shelving into the T3 system, as well hanging rails, slat walling, counters, and cupboards, allowing you to display your products in the best possible way.

What can we use T3 shelving for?

You can use T3 shelving for showcasing products, giving the illusion of a bigger stand, increasing storage space, as well as improving structural integrity. The possibilities are endless!

How can we transport T3 shelving?

You can transport T3 Shelving either in transportation cases or integrate them into our flight cases which tends to be the safest way to transport not only T3 shelving, but the T3 Modular Display System as well.

Can we incorporate lighting into T3 Shelving?

You can absolutely incorporate lighting into T3 Shelving; you can use downlights, spotlight or an underlit surface (either in cool white or RGB coloured lighting).

What materials can we use on our T3 shelving?

There are a range of different materials that we can use to create your T3 shelving, from acrylic, wood, aluminium, foamex and more! Not only that, they can be clad in any finish you like, in any colour. In summary, we can create your shelving using any material you wish, with any finish you need!


What shapes can we incorporate into the T3 system?

You can incorporate any shape that you like into the T3 system, as there aren’t really any limitations. You can use the T3 system to create any shape using curves and angle beams. Or you can use the cut-out of a substrate to create the illusion of a shaped display.

How can we configure shapes out of the T3 system?

You can configure shapes out of the T3 system or integrate shapes into them. You can use a range of different components to create a curved display: curved beams, angle beams or hinged fixings. Our curved and angle beams are customisable, so you can create any shape you like.

Can we configure shaped T3 counters?

You can absolutely configure shaped T3 counters, by using curved or angled fittings. And by using CNC (computer numerical control) to cut the countertops, you can also have any shape you like, as a counter.

Can we configure shaped T3 light boxes?

You can configure T3 light boxes into any shape you like, using curved beams, tension fabric and LED tube lights. The minimum internal diameter is 1437mm (for curves) to ensure a seamless finish is achieved on the fabric substrate – preventing rippling or sagging. Or you can use a square light box and block off the corners to create a lit circle shape.

What substrates can we apply to shapes on our T3 display?

We can apply fabric comb to the internal or external diameter of any curve, so you can apply tension fabric to either side. Or you can opt for a semi-rigid substrate which is perfect to bend around curves.

Conference Sets

Can we use the T3 system for a one-off event?

The T3 system can be used for a one-off event or as a permanent solution. And because of the system is reconfigurable, toolless and requires no skilled labour, you can create your display in no time at all. We also offer a rental service, so if you need additional T3 components to add to an existing display (or if you only need the display for one event!) or you have no storage space, we have you covered.

How can we use the T3 system for conference sets?

You can use the T3 system for conference sets in many ways. As there are no limitations to what you can do. You can also have entrance features, back walls for speakers or even break out areas on your display for business meetings or for visitors to network. We can also provide registration features as well as projection to your back wall. The team here at Tecna UK can also help you with a display that you can configure and reconfigure, that will create lasting impressions and something that is overall an eye-catching display for your visitors to look at.

What T3 features can we integrate into our conference sets?

There is such a wide range of T3 features that you can integrate into your conference set. You can opt for a light box, with LED tube lighting and tension fabric. Or you can add a podium to your display (for your speaker to stand behind), column wrappings, way-finding features, registration desks, as well as stage flooring. Anything you want, we can do!

How can we integrate AV technology into our T3 system?

You can integrate AV technology into your T3 system, by simply adding TV’s or screens, using aluminium angles, monitor hooks or screen mounts. You can make your screens flush mounted or surface mounted, depending on the look that you are going for. And if you want to take it a step further, you can even create an entire back wall out of videos

Why is the T3 system a good solution for conference sets?

T3 is a good solution for conference sets because it is adaptable to a range of different environments. It can be built and dismantled with ease, as it is a toolless system that requires no skilled labour. It’s also very easy to transport the T3 system in one of our flight cases and depending on you event (and upcoming events), we can configure and reconfigure to your requirements. And with so many T3 features that you can integrate into your T3 system, you can create a really impressive conference set that is memorable.

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