Event Displays that everyone will remember – T3 Modular Display System

Corporate events and festive parties are made easy with the T3 modular display system. Our display system allows you to bring your concepts to life, time and time again.

T3 is the world’s most versatile modular display system. Being completely reconfigurable, lightweight and compact, it is easy to transport and requires no tools for speed of build and dismantle.  This makes the T3 System your answer to multiple events, anytime, and anywhere.

T3 can be used to create a wide variety displays including but not limited to; fully working bar(s), counters, entrance displays, walling, stage backdrops, and light boxes to photo booths for those silly event pictures.

Contact us today to see how the T3 System can be used to create your festive and party event environments.

T3 can be reconfigured to solve any problem.

T3 is both reusable and reconfigurable. Use it time and again for any exhibition, event, conference, or retail purpose. Reconfigure your T3 framework; rearrange it into an entirely new design if you want – keep the framework, just swap the graphics


Take a look at T3 in action

At Tecna UK, collaboration and innovation are at our core. And, we consistently work with our partners to design, build and deliver displays that surpass their expectations.


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