8 Display Features to Include in Your Festive Events

It’s that time of year again folks; time to whip out your event planners and fetch your tinsel down from the loft. That’s right! The festive season is almost upon us, with the likes of Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve looming on the horizon. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to get cracking on that meticulous planning you’ve been pushing to the back of your mind.

To nudge you on your way and help you out with the creative process, we’ve put together a checklist of display features that you may want to incorporate into your festive events this year to make sure that it is an unforgettable occasion.


Light boxes make a welcome visual addition to any event. Commonly created by positioning LED lights behind fabric graphics and allowing the light to emanate through, light boxes are a unique way to illuminate an entrance or a dance hall with graphics that really pop.


Music is a universal language: it speaks to everyone. If you want to speak a language that your guests can really get onboard with, a DJ is a great start. And an awesome DJ will need an awesome DJ booth. Get yourself one of these, then you can really bring the house down!

T3 Conference backdrop


As with most festive events, you want to set the scene; immerse you guests in unabashed festiveness – with all the trappings. A large backdrop is a great way to achieve this. Whether in the form of a freestanding back wall clad with graphics or a hanging fabric backdrop, you can be as large or dramatic as you want with your festive imagery or brand message.


Rectangular bars? That is so last year. We’ve all been to a Christmas do or two (or three or four), and it’s no surprise that attendees – whether they be clients, employees, or friends and family – will be expecting to enjoy a nice refreshing beverage, whether it be a cinema-spiced cocktail or a humble diet cola. Give the people what they want, but don’t stick with the norm. Flex your creative muscles and go for a circular bar to serve your guests 360 style.


Once guests have quenched their thirst, they might be in the mood to pull some serious shapes to their favourite throwback tunes. And where there’s dancing, there’s gotta be a dance floor. So many options are out there for dance floors; you’ve got the wood-paneled classic, and the 60’s inspired black and white tilling; personalised options sporting initials or taglines, moving up to the more tech-orientated LED and touch-sensitive dance floors.


If you’re planning a slightly more upscale, lavish event, or you simply need a platform for Phil from accounts’ moment in the spotlight at this year’s Christmas karaoke, throw a stage into the mix. It doesn’t have to be a cumbersome custom job; portable stages with a custom look and feel can be easily acquired and are effortless to set up.


Interactivity has undoubtedly been one of the hottest trends across a variety of industries over the course of 2018, and it is great for so many reasons. Live social media feeds and status updates, for instance, are a brilliant way to raise awareness of your event whilst getting guests involved and generating a buzz. You could also bring in some arcade-style games, like whack a mole (or reindeer), cash grab machines, and much more.


People will do anything for a selfie, and your guests will definitely want to get some snaps of themselves at your events to plaster over their social media pages, so think about getting a photobooth. From vintage to ultra-modern, photo booths can be styled to suit any event theme, plus they’re a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and have been from time immemorial.

What are you waiting for? Just get cracking and ho-ho-hop on it. And if you’re looking for any further help or inspiration for display features for upcoming events, look no further than Tecna UK’s expert team of design consultants, they’ll be sure to help you out.

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