Fabric Walls

Fabric walls and textile graphics can easily be attached to T3 Fabframe by simply pressing the silicone edging into the specially designed T3 Fabframe comb. Tension fabric is quick and easy to install; it allows you to dress large display areas at speed and without the worry of lining up multiple panels. The tension in the fabric means your display has a smooth, seamless, crease free finish for a professional look.

There are many benefits to using fabric over the more traditional substrates including: lightweight, easy transportable, durable, washable, covers both small and large areas, smooth, seamless, quality finishes and much more.

POS fabric wall

Fabric walls

Using a light diffusing fabric allows you to design creative professional looking illuminated displays. With the T3 modular display system you can create both straight and curved, easy self-build light walls and light boxes that can used in a wide variety of environments.

T3 Fabframe has been designed to carry printed fabrics or textile graphics. T3 modular display system works around a simple patented ‘twist & lock’ connector. Strong and completely reconfigurable, the system enables interchangeable panels to be fitted quickly and easily with no required tools, offering unrivalled flexibility and speed of build.

Create seamless, creative, professional display stands with T3 Fabframe

Light boxes can be created with ease with fabric

T3 Light Box

Create simple and effective light boxes with fabric.

Fabric walls can be applied to the T3 Fabframe

Fabric walls

Fabric walls are quick and easy to install.

Large seamless walls

Fabric walls

Long seamless graphics can be created with fabric walls.