Exhibition Stand Training Services: SD Displays Learn Something New at their Discovery Day with Tecna UK

Discovery Days are just one of the exclusive exhibition stand training services offered by Tecna UK. Many of our partners have enjoyed learning about the T3 modular display system in these interactive training sessions. And that was no different for our latest Discoverers from SD Displays.

SD Displays Attend a Tecna UK Discovery Day to Build on their Knowledge 

Last month, the SD Displays team visited Tecna UK’s HQ for their Discovery Day. SD Displays is a leading exhibition specialist that has been providing its clients with firstclass exhibition services for over 60 years. We were delighted to have them.   

Having worked together for many years, SD Displays had become well-acquainted with Tecna UK’s wide range of training services. But they had yet to take part in a Discovery Day.  

Excited to Learn in an Interactive Training Experience

We knew it would be a fantastic opportunity for their team to develop their knowledge of the T3 modular display system. They were equally excited to get hands on with their own interactive training experience: 

“At the end of another successful year, we were lucky enough to spend a Discovery Day at Tecna UK, our T3 modular display system partners. Tecna UK hosts these interactive experiences at their Farnborough premises.”

“Discovery Days are helpful events that Tecna UK run for all their partners. In fact, they are just one part of their exclusive exhibition stand training services offering. During them, they showcase their offices, give tours around their warehouses, and lead in-depth training sessions on their T3 system.” 

In Search of Something Different

Before attending their Discovery Day, SD Displays had already had plenty of experience building displays using T3. What they were looking for, was to delve deeper and learn the intricacies of the system.  

With this in mind, we tailored their Discovery Day to ensure that their training focused on unique design features and lesser-known T3 components. As well as innovative, artful tips on maximising the impact of their display design: 

We already had a strong knowledge of how to build the T3 system. Therefore, we went looking for something a little different from Tecna UK. Instead, our Discovery Day focused on a variety of different aspects. Tecna UK explained T3’s different components, graphic materials and different options of stand design. They also went into detail about lead times and some general design tips.” 

Acquiring Knowledge to Help them “Better Sell” to Customers 

Above all, SD Displays developed a more in-depth understanding of T3. And as a result, they recognised that this presented an opportunity to increase their profits. Tecna UK took the time to explain all the [T3] pieces in great detail to enable us to better understand the systems and, in turn, better sell it to our customers.”  

We’re really pleased that they took this away from their Discovery Day. Mainly because one of the key reasons we developed these Discovery Days was to equip our clients with a more in-depth understanding of T3 . And, as a result, help them boost their profits.  

Invaluable Insights and a Tasty Spread

For SD Displays Sales and Marketing Manager, Jenna May Taylor, the invaluable insight gained from the day was a real highlight:

“SD Displays now has a better understanding of the different aspects of T3 and how widely it can be used. We found [our Discovery Day] to be very informative. And it equipped us with better insight into the product. The discovery cards handed out to us, most notably, were very easy to understand. The cards enhanced the learning experience by providing the addition of easy-to-digest visuals of T3.”

Jenna continues:

“We loved our Discovery Day. The service provided by Tecna UK was flawless. We were warmly welcomed by our hosts. Everyone was really friendly and attentive throughout the training. And they took special care to make sure that everyone was up to speed. Plus, the spread Tecna UK put out for us was delicious. Definitely an added bonus – lovely!”  

All in all, the day went down a treat, with SD Displays appreciative of the effort that went into making their Discovery Day one to rememberTecna UK’s Discovery Days are just one of our exhibition stand training services. They’re just one way through which, we make it happen for our partners. We’re very glad to have helped SD Displays out with their own. 

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