Freestanding Exhibition Stands

The T3 modular display system is ideal for large and small exhibition stands. It’s ease of build and transport, together with its reconfigurability, make it the answer to your exhibition stand design needs. The versatility of T3 means it can be easily used within shell scheme space and space only exhibition areas. Take it to any destination swiftly and easily, construct it without the assistance of any tools or specialist expertise, and work with our design experts to create as many adaptations, using the same framework in different ways time and again.  

exhibition stand design

T3 Modular Display System allows you to create professional, stunning exhibition stands with ease.

No tools required. Quick and easy to build. Portable and lightweight. Easy to transport.

One system, endless possibilities

T3 has been expertly designed to give exhibitors the versatility and flexibility they need for a variety of display and exhibition stand requirements. This means that the exhibition stand design possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an exhibition stand that delivers your event objectives.

Integrate any number of features into your T3 exhibition display to give it great usability and standout. You can incorporate T3 curved or straight bars and counters, open or closed meeting spaces, cupboards and storage areas, TV screens and interactive activities, backlit walls and light boxes, lighting options, audio visual displays, photobooths, hanging banners, shelving, showcasing units, and much more, all to grab people’s interest and draw them in.

And, it all starts with a scribble. Our design team will transform any idea, or scribble, into a 3D design within 24 hours!


Adaptable and reconfigurable

Because T3 is modular and adaptable, you can reconfigure it and reuse it as your needs grow. Start out small, then just add onto your framework as you move onto bigger things. And when we say bigger, we mean bigger! Using T3 you can create exhibition stands that reach an impressive 6-metres high, or even higher!  

We’ve got a range of exhibition stand services to help you out with your expo displays, including design services, installations and dismantles, and sales and marketing support.

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exhibition stand design

Featured Case Study: T3 in Action

Discover how Tecna UK’s partner, Advance Digital Graphics, works with us to leverage T3’s versatility and design creative exhibition stands that exceed their clients’ expectations.


You may also be interested in how exhibitors at Vaper Expo used T3 to create inspiring, custom-looking exhibition stands.



Did you know we do accessories as well?

At Tecna UK, we offer a range of accessories to compliment your T3 modular display. From flight cases and lightweight carry bags to an array of lighting accessories and spares, when your T3 display requires it, we’ve got it covered. You can buy T3 accessories and spares in the Tecna Shop.


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T3 modular display system

T3, the world’s most versatile modular display system, is unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable. With components that twist and lock together, T3 is also brilliantly simple to construct and requires no tools to build.


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