We Make It Happen

Tecna UK’s extensive offering of specialist display services has been carefully selected to make sure that your event, exhibition, conference and retail displays come to life. No matter how ambitious your exhibition display stand project, from initial design all the way through to installation and dismantle, at Tecna UK we make it happen.

We Make It Happen
Tecna UK's display services have been carefully selected to ensure your displays come to life. From initial design through to installation and dismantle, at Tecna UK we make it happen.

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How we work

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Being design led we take on board your vision. As part of our design promise, our in-house design team will transform any brief you have into a reality. All you need to do is give us your exhibition display stand design brief, whether it be a simple scribble or something more elaborate. We will then transform your exhibition display stand idea into a 3D CAD visual and get it back to you within 24 hours along with a full quotation. And we’ll make sure that we create a T3 modular display stand design that is to scale, works within your budget, and packs a visual punch at exhibitions.


Our build expertise is a central part of what makes Tecna UK so unique. Whatever the display, whether it be an exhibition stand, retail display, event display, conference set, or entrance feature, we have a number of build services available to guide you through your entire project journey. This begins right from the offset, starting with our warehouse pre-build service and following through to onsite installations and dismantles. We’re now offering Antimicrobial coating on all our products for added protection to surfaces. Either have your products coated before they leave our warehouse, or alternatively, we will come to site and apply the coating to your existing products!


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We are driven to deliver, not just a display, but an experience that leaves our partners satisfied. Tecna UK listens to and collaborates with you. And we tailor and adapt our extensive selection of exclusive display services to your unique requirements. With Tecna UK, you can expect to take advantage of our quick response and lead times, detailed quotations and project management assistance. And to top it off, we offer unparalleled sales, marketing, and build support as well. Cherry-pick any one of our display services. Or, alternatively, use our full turnkey option for the ultimate effortless display stand experience.

Renders & Visuals

Renders and Visuals

Whatever your display stand design requirements and no matter how rough your display idea, we will transform any design brief into a 3D design visual totally free of charge. And it gets better. As part of our 24-hour promise, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on any design brief. Just send us a scribble, and we’ll send you back your 3D visual along with a full quotation in just 24 hours.

We also offer a render service at an additional cost, which is a perfect way to help you or others visualise the finished exhibition display. Whether you have your own predesigned graphics at the ready, or alternatively you’d like us to create them for you, our in-house Design team will transform your display into a photorealistic render to offer up a true representation of the finished product.

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Worldwide Installations

Display stand installation services make the setup of your display easy and make things run as smoothly as possible. They cover both install and dismantle. The team will deliver your stand to site, no matter the location, then set it up and take it down again for you afterwards. We also offer a pre-build service in our warehouse before your exhibition display is needed, so you can check your display stand meets your expectations and the graphics for your modular display fit perfectly.




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T3 rental services

In some cases, hiring out T3 stock can be a welcome alternative to purchasing it. And that’s where our rental service comes in. If you’re looking for a cost-saving option, want to add to your existing T3 stock, or simply need to use T3 for a one-off occasion, you can rent from the extensive T3 product range available in our warehouse.


Discovery Centre

Learning and development

Tecna UK HQ in Farnborough is the home to our Discovery Centre, an immersive space built specially to facilitate your exploration of Tecna UK and T3. Here, you can get interactive and hands-on, learning first-hand from our team of experts everything you need to know about T3. You can ask any question you may have, meet our team of project managers, designers, sales, marketing and production professionals, and unlock the true potential of Tecna UK and T3. Our Discovery Centre is also a great meeting environment, perfect for meetings with clients and sales presentations. Be sure to arrange to come down for your own unforgettable experience.


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T3 can be reconfigured to solve any problem.

T3 is both reusable and reconfigurable. Use it time and again for any exhibition, display, event, conference, or retail purpose. Reconfigure your T3 framework; rearrange it into an entirely new design if you want – keep the framework, just swap the graphics.

What’s more, nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build due to its simple twist and lock action and no-tools required design.

Whatever the display, with T3 the possibilities are endless.


Case Studies

Discover the clever, creative and innovative ways our Partners are working with the T3 Modular Display System for exhibitions, events, conferences, retail applications and more.


T3 Gallery

Find inspiration for your next T3 display project by exploring our T3 galleries.


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